Best Beard Growth Kits for Black Men

7 Best Beard Growth Kits for Black Men- Reviews and Buying Guides

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In any society, attractive people tend to be more accepted and famous because of their looks. They also tend to look brighter and more intelligent and send a vibe of positive impression to anyone meeting them for the first time.

Besides, research shows attractive people can quickly get people’s attention, have good dating experience, and have a record of occupational success.

While there are clear benefits of looking handsome, methods used to achieve an attractive look vary. Well-trimmed, moisturized, soft, and shiny facial hair is one significant way of achieving handsomeness. That is why men struggle hard to keep a pleasing beard face.

While growing beards is natural to some men, it can be a struggle for others or grow in an unorganized manner. Achieving an epic beard requires patience and the right tools to make it look attractive.

A good beard growth kit helps your beard grow faster than anticipated and makes it plentiful without having a patchy area around your jaw. We embarked on a study and came up with the best kits for your beard hair treatment. The equipment generally is to nourish, moisturize, shave and keep clean your facial hair. Besides, the hair products save you from rashes and unwarranted itching.

These kits generally contain beard oils, beard roller, brush, wash soap, different trimming and combing tools, and balms, among many other vital tools for your facial hair treatment and oil moisturizer for black men. Read on to find more about our pick, how to make the best buying decision, and top tips about beard treatment.

Best Beard Growth Kits for Black Men

The follicle is an organic beard booster that helps men grow a natural beard. The kit is designed to help eliminate annoying patchy hair look in men. Part of the kit is the wash soap that contains shea butter, coconut oil, orange extract, and vitamins. It also has oil that is rich in relevant vitamins for hair boost. It also has a beard growth serum and a bamboo comb as part of the essential items.

Notably, the kit has a titanium bead roller. The roller stimulates the hair follicles and aids the face in absorbing the beard growth serum. The roller also helps produce collagen in the skin and stimulates blood circulation in the human body. The roller has a storage case for maximum protection and 540 needles of 0.25mm in length.

Because the balm and oil are made of natural extracts, they have a pleasant and fresh scent that is petroleum and fragrance-free.

Finally, the kit is fair in price with the massive resources that come with it. It has two e-books, a video course that serves as a buyers guide, and a beard calendar that helps keep users count their days of use.


  • Comprehensive e-books and video course

  • Perfect for dull hair

  • Beard roller included

  • Fair price


  • Boar brush not included.

Moisturizer is the key to grooming fine hair. Imagine a soft haircut and black shiny hair growth. It is what Shea Moisture Beard has to offer you. After having a good shaving and trimming tool, you need effective oil and balm to ensure the hair is shiny, nicely scented, and catches everyone’s attention.

This brand is reputed among beautiful African women; it is no surprise it came up with such an excellent balm and oil exclusive for black men. It contains products perfect for Afro and coarse hair.

The kit has four-piece of products and it has beard balm, beard detangler, conditioning oil, and beard wash. The detangler is necessary because many studies reveal that African men’s facial hair tends to tangle and dry quickly. The detangler works perfectly for short and long beards and helps create a distinct attractive look in users.

As it can be deduced from the name, the product uses shea butter. Shea butter is used as a cosmetic product to treat skin irritation. Other natural ingredients are argan oil, maracuja oil, castor seed oil, and many other natural supplements. All these products come enriched with shea butter, maracuja oil, argan oil, and a host of other natural ingredients, including essential oils.

The product target soft beard and beard area skin protection rather than superficial beard grooming. Shear moisturizer is a good recommendation because it is perfect for skin frizz and dryness.


  • Contain certified natural ingredients.

  • Deep clean beards off dirt

  •   Nice scented.


  • It may not help with hair growth.

Apart from its comprehensive tool that allows users to have all in one product for hair treatment, the kit comes with a detailed eBook. The e-Book guides your beard treatment tips, how to use the products, how best to taint your beard, and the necessary precaution in your beard grooming journey.

The Full Teck Kit contains products made from natural supplements like shea butter and argan oil. It is made to help you grow a soft and nice-looking beard. It has two different oils and a balm that aid in keeping the beard glow and hydrated. It also comes with beard shampoo that can be used to wash off stains that may have gathered in the inner depth of the beard.

It comes with hair grooming tools like a brush, trimming scissors, a one-sided wooden comb, and a boar brush. Another exciting thing about this kit is that it is packed in an attractive jute bag. This handy storage bag allows users to carry the equipment conveniently anywhere, even if they intend to have a long journey.


  • Natural ingredients in making the oil supplements

  • Inclusion of a shampoo

  • Two good-sized oil bottles

  • Sturdy boar bristle brush

  • Fair price

  • Perfect for hard beard


  • One side-comb

  • No detangler.

Though the kit has limited products inside of it, it is worth our review because of its high positive review from the users. The kit includes mainly the balm and oil that are effective in moisturizing, hydrating, and nourishing your beard hair.

Do you want shiny, soft-looking, and handsomely groomed face hair? Caveman beard care is not a wrong choice to achieve such a result. It is more of beard care set than a beard growth kit, but the product has been proven to encourage healthy hair growth. It has natural beard oil, beard balm, and butter wax; they all have a pleasant Bay run scent. It also has a wooden comb, all parked in a mini storage bag.

The caveman is confident in its product; they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for any reason the customer isn’t satisfied with the product.


  • Affordable

  • Two months money back guarantee

  • Balm and oil are made with Bay run scent


  • No beard roller included

  • No detangler brush


Naland kit has been tested to have complete tools for beard growing. The kit offers thicker, shiny, and healthy beard growth—the kit aid in waging war against possible acne scars, rashes, wrinkle, or skin irritation.

The kit contains Beard growth oil, balm, comb, and a derma roller. The roller, in particular, is appraised by many users because it helps encourage healthy hair growth by stimulating and stretching the hair. A derma roller makes an efficient tool for growing a patchy beard and is made with medical titanium needles. Also, the kit has a beard roller sanitizer for sanitizing the beard roller before every use.

Although the kit has limited tools, its present items are high quality and standard. The derma roller and oil work like magic irrespective of skin. The oil and balm used are verified to contain biotin and arginine- natural products for hair growth. Research shows Biotin and Arginine can increase hair density to about 52% within four months. The oil effectively activates follicles, thereby causing rapid beard growth. The kit is strictly for beard growth and has no grooming effect.


  • Derma roller sanitizer included

  • Effective serum

  • Beard oil is made of natural ingredients


  • Limited tools

Viking is a trusted brand in the beard care and cosmetic market. The Viking beard growth is another outstanding product from the brand. Experts and users are continuously making positive reports about the product.

The product is most suitable for black men. Black men often have thinner and bristle beards, and the ingredients used in making Viking oil have proven to work well on the beard of African men more than any other group of men.

The kit contains oil that has no scent and a mildly citrus-scented balm that keep your facial hair nourished. The cream and oil are by-products of the popular Argan and Jojoba oil.

All these products are packed in a light metal box, and it is worth presenting as a gift to any bearded man dear to you. The oil and balm are reasonably priced, and the brush, comb, and others have been tested to be of durable quality. So, you are offered incredible value in return for your money. Finally, a free e-book allows you to have detailed instructions about using the kit. You can access the e-book by scanning a code written on the metal box.


  • Many accessories

  • Good value for money

  • Free e-book for detailed instruction

  • Reputable brand name

  • Balm and oil in reasonable quantity


  • No derma roller

  • Scissors are not perfect enough for trimming.

Best for Comprehensive Tools- Raffin Beard Growth Kit for Men

The Raffin beard growth kit can work magic for you if you want skin hydration, prevent irritation, and promote healthy beard growth. The kit comes in oil actively rich in vitamin E and shea butter and contains natural oils like Argan and Jojoba oil. Your facial hair will no doubt be nourished irrespective of its stubbornness. The oil and balm are fragrance-free and possess no scent at all.

It has a derma roller that can stimulate body skin follicles by improving blood circulation and producing effective collagen. The roller has a 540 titanium needle, good enough to open all strands in the beard areas and stimulate rapid hair growth.

Other products include a double-sided wooden comb, trimming steel scissors, an e-book for detail guide, and a portable jute bag for packing the product. The product works particularly well on black men’s skin as it is clinically tested to be cruelty and GMO-free. If you have typical sensitive skin, have less worry as the manufacturer puts this in thought and makes it a Gluten-free and Parabens- free product. The kit is sturdy, and the oil and balm reasonably have enough content that could last you for a long time. The manufacturer is confident of its quality product as it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to any potential buyers.


  • Sturdy roller

  • Excellent for sensitive skins.

  • Oil has a natural ingredient composition

  • one month money-back guarantee

  • Clinically tested equipment

  • Not too pricey.


  • Boar brush not included

A Buyer’s Guide to Beard Growth Kits

With this objective review about our top pick for black men, we feel it imperative to guide you in making the best purchasing choice. There is one sole aim everyone intending to buy beard products look out for, Will the kit help create the perfect look you desire? Many contributory factors could make this achievable or otherwise. Black men tend to have unique hair features and unique cultural styling. Let’s look into the special features to look out for as a black person.

Features to Consider Before Choosing The Beard Kit

Tools in the kit

If you have been growing beards before now, it is safe to assume that you must have had essential tools like shaving and trimming equipment, a comb, and maybe a brush. The kit needed is merely hair treatment products like a balm, oil, and styling

Suppose your beard is just growing or experiencing some patchiness. Then you must look for a hair grooming kit and vitamins supplement that could make it grow. You also need beard rollers and serums to quicken the growth.

Skin Effect

Skin causes the majority of hair growth issues. Some products are effective but can be unfriendly to body skin due to their ingredients. Make sure you pick the product that would prevent irritation and moisturize the beard areas along the ultimate purpose it is meant to serve. Also, some skin has a problem like itchiness, dandruff, rashes, or pimples; ensure the kit you are buying would rather suppress the skin disease rather than aggravate it.


Another feature to consider is the scent of beard oil or balm. Irrespective of the effectiveness, a repulsive scented kit will make people avoid contacting you. You are keeping beards to wear handsomeness. It is of no value if you look nice but smell bad. Also, remember your comfort; you will apply the oil and balm under your friendly. This may be uncomfortable for your breath.

Formula Used

Irrespective of exciting reviews, ensure you read the exact formula of any beard growth kit. Prioritize buying the ones with natural ingredients. Avoid products made from harsh ingredients like alcohol, fragrance, or parabens. This can be harmful to your hair in the long run and may impede your hair growth rather than improve it.

Here are safe formulas you can use use

  • Sulfate: Though its smell may not be convenient, it is a product that effortlessly removes dirt and debris from facial hair.

  • Castor Oil: It works as a moisturizer in cream. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects on the skin.

  • Coconut oil: It also serves an excellent moisturizing purpose for hair.

  • Peppermint Oil: It is a safe oil for hair freshening and shining. It also helps in reducing dandruff in the body.

  • Shea butter: It is a favorite that helps prevent beard itch.

Also, we recommend you carefully evaluate the ingredient used before buying a beard product. Also, understand if the product originates from a trusted country. More importantly, talk to a licensed professional before purchasing a beard product if you are unsure of your evaluation.


Be mild on the price. No doubt you have to pay the value if you want quality. Also, be ready to pay more if you buy a complete beard growth kit.

Also, understand that most hair care products are consumable, meaning you will make a repeated purchase. And you should keep using a product for a long; If the price isn’t what you will afford for long, you must start with a less pricey product.

Organic Reviews

Testimonials from previous users are also a way of evaluating the best choice. However, ensure the reviews read are from trusted sources and critically analyzed.

Also, a product with little review may not be wrong, but it means not too many people are using it, and we do not recommend you risk buying such a product.

It is also essential you buy from an established brand. A brand that has established trust in the market has a lot to lose if it sells out harmful products.

Return Policy

After all these careful analyses, a product may still fail to work for you. To avoid losing money, buy from a brand that offers a money-back guarantee. Buy from a store that has a not too strict return policy.

Convincing testimonials doesn’t mean a product is guaranteed to work for you. To prevent wasting your money, purchase from a brand that offers a 100% money-back guarantee. For additional peace of mind, buy from a reputable store with a customer-friendly return policy.


Which beard growth product is the best?

It may be pretty tricky to single out. A good beard growth kit serves either grooming, growth, or trimming purposes. Little products in the market perform all these three primary functions. You may need two or more products to achieve the perfect hair groom.

Read honest reviews online from the direct users before picking a beard kit. Also, study your skin specialty, some ingredients in either oil or balm may be itch while you apply it. Most importantly, ensure the cream or oil in the kit is made with natural ingredients. Additionally, we picked the seven top best beard growth products you can get value for. You can choose your choice from our list, and you won’t regret it.

Do Beard Growth Kits Work?

The answer depends on the person being asked. While there are many reviews about its workability, thousands of studies have said the whole idea of adding oil to natural hair has no grooming effect on the beard but only treats it and makes it shine to the perfect satisfaction.

But this is untrue; not all beard growth is made with the same formulation. The ingredient used determines the efficacy of a product. Balm and oil made with verifiable natural and organic oils give results.

Also, skin and beard vary. Some have stiff and frizzy beards; it can take a long time to use the growth care or kit before likely changes affect their beard, while some can start seeing results earlier than anticipated.

There has been verifiable research that vitamin D can activate hair follicles that have been dead. The report also affirms that B vitamins like Biotin and Niacin can help strengthen hair condition. While it is established that beard growth kits genuinely work, it is imperative to mention that there is somebody not meant to grow a beard due to genetic reasons.

How Can I Determine Which Beard Growth Kits Are Legit?

The first thing you should do when picking any beard product is to read the detailed ingredients and the possible side effect. There are thousands of fake mixtures presented as beard growth products in the market; products with natural blends like Jojoba oil, Argan oil, peppermint oil, and Vitamin extract are proven legit for beard growth. Remember, high-quality ingredients determine a high-quality product.

 What Product Helps Grow a Full Beard?

Oil is the primary product that helps the beard grow thicker, darker, and non-patchy. Though beard oil cause hair follicle to develop or make a new root for beard strands, it contains essential stimulating properties that may cause the beard to grow fully. There are some with weak or thin hair follicles. A natural oil supplement will help push them out. However, this may be a long-term thing to do before seeing the result, depending on your body type.

Beyond using oil, brushing tools can also help enhance beard growth. Constant brushing will increase your blood flow and eventually cause it to grow to its full potential. You will see the result by regularly using a boar bristle brush or applying organic skin care stimulating balm.

Besides, Minoxidil and Rogaine are popular products known to help men achieve total beard growth.

How can I grow a beard fast?

Not every man is blessed with good facial hair. If this is your reality, some tips may aid you in growing a beard faster and put an end to the annoying patchy hair struggle. First, be aware that hair growth is highly dependent on genetics, but there is some trick that can influence your skin and hasten the pace of your hair growth.

First, ensure you exfoliate your face at least once every week. You are gently washing your face with a cleanser or shampoo. Ensure you moisturize and exfoliate your face properly using a scrub or exfoliant; this will aid in removing the dead cells and stimulate new hair growth.

Second, take much of vitamins and supplements. Ensure your diet blends vitamin B, B1, B2, B6, and B12 and take more proteins and vegetables. Vitamins from the intake will give you the needed nutrients for growing a beard.

Always leave your skin moisturized after cleaning. Moisturizing cream will not make you have dry skin. Also, avoid constant trimming of beard. Though it can be itching, defy the urge to trim the beard; ensure you groom it for about six weeks; the longer it stays and is cared for, the less itchy it becomes.

Finally, be patient. Gene has a role in growing a beard, and you may have little to no control over that. Do not be pressured by those that produce a full beard within some week of not shaving. While you can take some measures above to aid your growth, you should also understand that your beard will only grow at its own pace.


As a man who wants to appear masculine with expected confidence, buying a bread kit containing all bearding essentials is worth your investment. While all our reviewed products are worth your assets, we specifically recommend our best overall beard kit, the Follicle Booster Organic Beard Growth Kit. It has natural oils in a reasonable amount, a standard brush and comb, comprehensive e-book guides, and a roller brush, among many other tools.

It is imperative to mention that finding an exact beard growth product specifically for black men can be difficult as few companies target creating hair products for Africans. However, if you do a thorough research which we have helped explain in this article, you will make no mistake in making a perfect choice for your beard kit.

Khadija B.