Best Beard Straightener For Black Men

Best Beard Straightener For Black Men 

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Let’s face it, we tend to have coarse facial hair which can make giving our facial hair a sleek tapered look a chore we’d rather avoid. Luckily, we have gathered a list of the best beard straighteners for black men to help you conquer your facial hair while avoiding harsh chemicals.

We’ve tested numerous straighteners and combed through several customer reviews and found the Andis 38300 Professional High Ceramic Press Comb is the best buy for your money. 

Not only is this product affordable. But, it also has an adjustable temperature settings of up to 450 degrees, perfect for the helping you get that best beard style.

Budget Option

Arkam Original Beard Straightener

Best Overall

Andis 38300 Professional

Runner Up

Aberlite EDC Premium

Beard straightening is a pain, and most beard straighteners aren’t made with black beard hair textures in mind. We eliminated all options that would work only for soft hair or straight hair, and built a list of the best beard straightening tools that can help style our curly strands.

The Andis 38300 Professional Ceramic Press Comb is up for the challenge. With its easy-to-hold features and quick heat-up, you’ll be finished the job in no time flat and ready to greet the day with a smile.

Best Beard Straighteners for African American Hair Reviewed

Finding a beard straightener that works well on thick curly hair can often be challenging. With so many models to choose from, where do you start?

We have tested products and compared customer reviews to find the best beard straighteners for black men to make your decision a little less complicated. You’ll notice that we focus on the electric beard straightener – for good reason. We know that time is precious and you want to get the job done quick.

Keep reading to discover our list of the seven best beard straighteners for black men on the market today.

Andis 38300 Professional High Heat Ceramic Press Comb - Best Overall

Our top pick in beard straighteners for black men is the Andis 38300 Professional High Heat Ceramic Press Comb, not only for its cost-effectiveness. But, also for its numerous features that are favorable for thick, coarse hair, including: 

  • 20 adjustable heat settings

  • Quick heat-up in just 30 seconds

  • Automatic built-in shut-off

  • A convenient swivel cord

 This affordable heating comb offers professional quality from the comforts of your home. The Andis 38300 is best loved for its fast heat-up, perfect for busy people on the go and its convenient adjustable heat settings providing frizz-free results.

 With adjustable heat settings, you can quickly press heat a curly beard in minutes with a sleek, smooth finish. Why waste time straightening your beard when you can complete the job in less time with this cost-effective straightener that offers stellar results.

 The heated comb is perfect for all hair types with its handy adjustable heating. However, we have determined that it offers the best results for thick, curly beards, often found in black men.

 After trying this convenient, cost-effective beard straightener, you will be amazed at the results and the extra free time you have in the morning to do other things or do nothing at all. But, enjoy the extra downtime that this fast and effective straightener offers.

Aberlite EDC Premium Beard Brush Straightener For Men

Our second choice for best beard straightener for black men is the Aberlite EDC Premium Beard Straightener Brush for Men for its sleek design that is especially effective on coarse, curly hair. Other features of this beard straightener include:

  • Heated brush perfect for short beard, longer beard, or dense beards

  • Great for making any coarse beard hair smooth

  • Automatic shut-off

This easy-to-use beard straightener is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a fast and effective method of beard trimming. Designed especially for faces, the Aberlite Beard Straightener won’t leave your face burning in the aftermath of straightening.

With six adjustable heat settings, this straightener is most effective on curly beards and offers less damage from overheating. Show off your perfectly-groomed beard with the Aberlite Premium Beard Straightener. 

Incorporates PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heating technology perfect for taming frizzy hair and styling facial hair while sealing moisture into your beard.

The automatic shut-off is a bonus feature to ensure busy people on the go can go about their day worry-free that they forgot to turn off their straightener. Perfect for all hair types, including women, the Aberlite is an excellent choice in beard straightener for black men.

HSI Professional Glider/Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Our third pick for the best beard straighteners for black men is the HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron. This professional flat iron offers several attractive features, including:

  • Cutting edge technology in the form of sensors and tourmaline infused ceramic plates incorporating negative ion technology to reduce frizz

  • Adjustable heat settings

  • Dual voltage means you can take it anywhere in the world

Professionally tame your curls with ease when you use this unique flat iron offering professional results for even the coarsest beards. See fast and effective results with little time spent straightening your beard.

Tourmaline crystal ion plates offer eight micro-sensors to help regulate heat distribution for an even straightening job with less hair damage. See outstanding results with a noticeably silkier beard within minutes.

Adjust the heat settings on this easy-to-use straightener to the temperature that is just right for you, from 140 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Straightening your beard has never been easier with this attached swivel cord.

The HSI Professional Ceramic Flat Irons is perfect for all hair types. But, it works wonders on curly African-American hair. Its worldwide voltage feature makes it the ultimate travel companion no matter where you go.

After your purchase, be prepared to accept several compliments throughout your day when you are finished using the HSI Professional Glider on your beard.

Arkam Original Beard Straightener For Men

Our fourth choice for the best beard straighteners for black men is the Arkam Original Beard Straightener for Men. This convenient straightener offers several outstanding features, including:

  • An attractive carrying case

  • A bonus wooden comb

  • Adjustable heat settings

  • Swivel cord

Achieving your desired style without wasting a bunch of time is the biggest benefit of the Arkam Beard Straightener For Men. 

Designed with breakthrough technology, the Arkam Straightener for Men offers static control and provides frizz-free results that last the whole day. This feature is especially crucial for coarse, curly hair. 

Equipped with a swivel cord, this handy straightener provides the ultimate freedom to straighten your beard with ease. Choose from adjustable heat settings to find the temperature that works for you.

This straightener comes with variable temperature settings and advanced technology that protect your sensitive skin underneath your beard from burning . With this beard straight, never worry about burning yourself again.

The Arkam Beard Straightener is ideal for beards on black men with thick curly hair. However, this straightener is also suitable for any hair type and length, including the hair on your head. So for all those men out there looking for a straightener of your own, be prepared to share.

XIKEZAN Beard Straightener With Beard Balm, Growth Oil, Comb & E-Book

Our fifth selection of the best beard straighteners for black men is the Beard Straightener with Beard Balm, Growth Oil, Comb & E-Book. This unique combination of straightening tools is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable solution in straighteners that work.

The best features of this beard straightener include:

  • Efficient beard oil, beard balm, comb, and e-book make it a great budget option

  • Voltage protector

  • Changeable heating settings

Enjoy bonus features included with this handy beard straightener, including beard growth serum, balm, a no-tangle wooden brush that massages your face and removes dirt, and a free e-book to learn more about the product features.

Featuring a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient), this straightener offers heat distribution within a few minutes. Offering the perfect amount of heat for every hair type, this straightener is a favorite among many black men.

Choose from three heat settings ranging from 356 degrees to 428 degrees that are ideal for your beard type, whether curly, thick, or thin.

Enjoy combing your beard with this extra long bristle beard comb that gets right to the root of your beard every time. Turn heads when you purchase this exceptional beard straightener and accessories. 

This easy-to-use straightening brush with protective guards prevents burning your skin or scorching your hair and automatically shuts off after thirty minutes for worry-free use.

This is the perfect beard straightener for any hair type. However, it is best suited for black men with thick, coarse hair, who are looking for an excellent beard straightener at a reasonable price.

Tame The Wild Pro Beard Straightener For Men

Our sixth choice of beard straighteners for black men goes to the Tame The Wild Pro Beard Straightener for Men. This incredible beard straightener is great for shorter beards and offers plenty of attractive features, including:

  • Ceramic coating on the bristles for smooth strokes

  • Adjustable heat settings

  • LED display

  • Lightweight design

Reap the benefits of straightening your beard in no time flat with this premium beard brush equipped with a ceramic heater for even distribution. Save precious time and energy on your daily skin-care routine.

Built with ion technology, this easy-to-use straightener boasts exceptional results with little effort spent straightening your beard. Select the ideal setting for any hair type with this incredible beard straightener.

The Tame the Wild Beard Straightener features anti-scald protection to prevent burns to your face or hair. It also has a built-in timer that shuts the straightener off after thirty minutes of use for extra protection.

With 12 heat settings, this straightener is the perfect accessory for all beard types, including thick, thin, frizzy, or coarse.

Portable and lightweight, the Tame the Wild Beard Straightener is ideal for daily use whether at home, work or travel. Universal voltage settings ensure safety no matter where you are. This is the perfect accessory for any travel destination.

Safenorth Ionic Beard Straightener Brush for Men

Our final choice for the best beard straightener for black men is the Safenorth Ionic Beard Straightener Brush for Men. This premium beard straightener for men offers several attractive features, including:

  • A beard straightening comb included
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Toiletry bag for convenient travel

Enjoy outstanding results with this convenient beard straightener for men that features a premium 360 degree swivel technology to prevent wire tangling.

Built with heat-safe bristles, look your best in no time at all with this quick-heating beard straightener offering long-lasting results with minimum effort.

Take advantage of adjustable heat settings for any beard type with a few simple brush strokes. Designed with wooden features, including comb and brush, you can keep your beard looking impeccable while being kind to the environment.

The Safenorth Ionic Beard Straightener Brush is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable straightener featuring a convenient carrying case to take anywhere you go, whether near or far. 

Ideal for use of any hair type, this straightener is a best-loved favorite among African-American men.

Buying Guide

With so many options on the market, buying the perfect beard straightener that works on coarse, thick hair for black men can sometimes be a challenging task. 

However, buying a beard straightener doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some tips to consider before making your next purchase of beard straighteners. 


When looking for the best beard straighteners on the market for black men, there are several features to consider before making your purchase. 

To ensure that the straightener will work on your hair type, here is our list of the best twelve features to consider before making your purchase.

1. Heat Settings

Finding a beard straightener with adjustable heat settings is crucial to ensure the straightener will work effectively on your beard type. Most black men have thick, coarse hair.

Therefore, they require a beard straightener that can be set to a high enough temperature to straighten their beard fast and effectively. 

2. Cost

When purchasing a beard straightener, more expensive isn’t always the best choice. Look at cost-effective choices, and read customer reviews to help find the best beard straightener for you.

There are several less-expensive beard straighteners on the market with excellent customer reviews and happy customers. So, make sure to consider these products when looking for the best beard straighteners for black men.

3. Universal Settings

Finding a beard straightener that has universal voltage settings is always an attractive feature to look for in choosing the best beard straighteners. 

This way, you can bring your straightener on holidays with you and rest assured knowing that it will work no matter where you are.

4. Swivel Cord

Looking for a beard straightener with a swivel cord is another attractive feature to consider when contemplating the right beard straightener to purchase. 

A swivel cord allows you to straighten your beard more quickly and effectively in today’s busy world. Straighten and go is one of the best features to have in a beard straightener.

5. Anti-scald Features

Finding a beard straightener that has built-in anti-scald features is always crucial in preventing injury to your skin and facial hair during use. Many beard straighteners on the market come with this important feature worth considering before making a purchase.

6. Accessories Included

An added bonus to consider when looking for the perfect beard straightener is the extra accessories that come with it. Some accessories included with your beard straightener might include:

  • A beard comb or brush

  • Beard oils 

  • Free e-books and user guides

  • Growth serum

7. AUTO shut off feature

In a world where many of us are often on the go, having an auto shut off feature on your beard straightener is an essential feature to consider when looking for the desired beard straightener. There is nothing better than not having to worry if you accidentally left your straightener on. Knowing that it will shut off automatically is a relief.

8. LED Display

Another feature to look for when purchasing a beard straightener is a colorful LED display. This not only makes the straightener look cooler. But, it also helps you ensure that you have it on the proper heat setting through easy-to-see LED settings.


The material of the beard straightener is also another attractive feature to consider when making your purchase. Some different types of straighteners on the market include:

  • Ionic 

  • Tourmaline

  • Ceramic

  • Porcelain


Finding a lightweight beard straightener is another essential feature to ensure that you can handle the beard straightener with effortless, fast strokes to get the job done as quickly as possible. This ensures you have more time to relax on an otherwise hectic day.

Carrying Cases

Finding a beard straightener that comes with an attractive carrying case is a bonus when shopping around for the perfect straightener. 


When considering beard straighteners, finding one suitable for the entire household is another attractive feature. Save money by finding a beard straightener that can also be used as a hair straightener. This will also come in handy for the entire household.


Using a beard straightener seems harmless enough. But, there are several problems associated with the frequent use of beard straighteners to consider, including:

1. High Heat Can Damage Hair

Frequent use of beard straighteners over 350 F can cause permanent damage to your hair cuticles, or skin. When using a straightener, experiment with heat levels and choose the lowest temperature possible to effectively straighten your beard.

High heat is not always better. Sure, it may get the job done quicker. But, in the long-run higher heat causes lasting damage. 

Treating your beard with heat protectant spray is beneficial to help maintain a healthy, smooth, and frizz-free beard.

2. Use a Gentle Touch

Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you don’t think much about the damage done to your beard when you rush. But, it’s true. When you put too much hair in the straightener and pull hard, you cause lasting damage to your hair and roots. 

It is always better to lightly collect hair in the straightener to ensure you don’t cause lasting damage to your hair follicles or the ends of your beard hair. A gentle touch goes a long way in keeping your beard at its healthiest.

3. Let Your Beard Dry Before Straightening

Using a beard straightener on wet hair can cause split ends and singe to your facial hair. Make sure to shower the night before, or take plenty of time to thoroughly dry your beard before straightening to prevent damage.

Conclusion of the Best Beard Straighteners for Black Men

Finding the perfect beard straightener can be challenging. Especially if you are a black man with thick, coarse hair. However, there are plenty of excellent beard straighteners on the market.

We hope we have given you some useful information regarding the purchase of your next beard straightener. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite beard straightener for black men is. We’d love to hear from you.

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Travis J.