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Best Beard Trimmer For Black Men: Reviews and Guide

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Nothing pulls at the heartstrings like an African American man with a well-defined beard. A man with a beard oozes personality and confidence. 

However, well-sculpted beards do not materialize out of thin air, and only the best beard trimmers for black men can transform a daily shave into a work of art. 

Still, it’s more complicated than ever these days to find a trimmer that fits the bill for what you need. You can choose from a professional beard trimmer and a budget beard trimmer, and just about everything in between. You can go with corded trimmers or a precision trimmer marketed specifically for targeting African American beard hair. Our goal is to help identify the best beard trimmer for you without having to comb through product reviews or trial and error.

After testing an impressive number of trimmers, the Andis 74100 GTX-EXO took the first position as the best beard trimmer for black men. The precision blades provide the most minute detail at any angle.

Moreover, the lithium-ion battery provides lasting power. It’s lightweight and, more importantly, excellently priced. There isn’t any danger of scraggly beards cramping your style with the Andis 74100 GTX-EXO in your grooming arsenal.

Beard trimmers beautify facial hair and ensure you stay fly every day. Let’s go in-depth into these grooming gadgets and see why they stand out.

Best Beard Kit

Braun 9-in-1 Styling Kit

Best Overall


Best Waterproof Trimmers

Panasonic ER-GB42K

Best Beard Trimmers Revieved

The Andis 74100 GTX-EXO is a high-powered cordless trimmer that delivers a cutting speed for all hair types at 7200 rpm. It’s a handy, nifty device that has been the mainstay of most professional barbering services for years.

The GTX-Z blades are crafted from carbon steel to give the most precise cut. Besides, the edges are adjustable to ensure an exceptional trim across the curvy areas of the face, like the jawline and cheeks. 

Interestingly, this trimmer is a part of the original Andis Outliner Series known for its powerful magnetic motors, insane speeds, and quiet engine hum. 

The attachment combs on this gadget are fantastic for daily beard maintenance. In addition to the precise cutting shape, they offer a consistent cutting length.

Moreover, dry shaving with this close-cutting trimmer works better than a shaving razor ensuring your skin stays flawless and smooth without bumps and irritation. 

The blades are also corrosion-proof and have at least 100 minute run time. It’s excellent for lineups because it’s super soft on the skin and is the go-to blade for black men with sensitive skin. 

It’s worth mentioning that this trimmer is slightly on the heavy side at 2.03lbs, but this weight helps with the grip, making it easier to maneuver around the face. This trimmer is designed for the sharpest cuts and does its best work as a detailer for beards, mustaches, and hair. 

This ability is all thanks to the T-blade trimmers that can cut out crisp lines and the most intricate designs. The beard trimmer design showcases Andis’s consistency with the body style.

Still, it features a new casing and 360 degrees exposed blades that are instantly noticeable at first glance. The gold blades and all-black skeleton casing give this beard trimmer a professional and sophisticated look. 

The blue LED isn’t on the Andis logo like its predecessor, and it’s been moved to the power switch, giving it a more premium finish. These blades are closer than ever out of the wrapping, but it’s your choice to adjust the edges to suit your trim.

One issue with this trimmer is that Andis made the tool a little too sharp out of the box. It’s so sharp that it can make a person’s neck bleed at first cut – especially for a sensitive-skinned black man. 

Besides, the pricing is a significant deterrent for budget beard trimmers. Other than that, this trimmer is sleek, powerful, and gives a precise trim. I find it to be a much better option than any of the corded beard trimmer options on the market.


  • Redesigned GTX Z blades for a closer trim

  • Preset sharp blades from the factory

  • 360-degree blades for a cleaner cut

  • Nice, detailed lines

  • Powerful, quiet motor


  • No battery life indicator

  • The chubby design isn’t easy to maneuver

  • Expensive

The Braun 9-in-1 Styling Kit is a fantastic beard trimmer for black men who want to keep their beard grooming needs on a budget. This trimmer is an all-rounder that provides one of the most precise shaves, and the slim, sleek design is intended for the ultimate control. 

This cordless electric clipper features a five-minute quick charge for black men who want a quick shave before going about their day. It also includes 100 minutes of cordless shaving and has four combs for different hair lengths. 

Besides, there are 13 length settings. The 3-11mm comb gives a short to medium size. 1-2mm comb is perfect for stubble, while the 13-21mm is ideal for longer beards which also works for hair clipping. 

Braun also includes a Gillette Fusion5 Proglide with Flexball Technology for black men who require the cleanest, smoothest shave. 

Flexball technology allows the razor to glide across the surface of the face, making the razor easy to manipulate into the tightest corners of the jawline without nicking.

This trimmer also includes a detail trimmer to design the most accurate mustache lines across the lips. Moreover, there’s an ear and nose trimmer – a delicately shaped attachment that helps to get at the hairs lodged between the ears and nose, including the most sensitive areas. 

The MGK3980 has grooming attachments that help get rid of hair below the face – and is excellent for manscaping! The power-to-trim ratio is one of the best, with 60 minutes of trimming time for 60 minutes of charge. 

Ensure you shower to soften the beard before using this trimmer to get the best results. This trimming tool is exceptionally lightweight at 1.39lbs and produces up to 6,000 rpm. 

There’s an LED indicator informing you of the battery health to ensure you never run out of juice to trim your face. The trimmer’s waterproof design makes it an excellent choice for a shower shave, and it’s easy to clean under running water. 

However, minor complaints about the plastic guards tend to come loose during a shave. Still, the Braun MK3980 offers an exciting trim at a price that’s easily affordable.


  • Works for every aspect of the body

  • Excellent charging and battery life

  • Works great for face and beard

  • Powerful, lightweight motor



  • It doesn’t seem to stand out in any function

  • Plastic guards seem low quality

Best for Styling - Hatteker 3-in-1

The Hatteker Cordless Trimmer is a complete grooming kit that takes care of all facial hair types. It’s a hair clipper, beard trimmer, and detailer for black men with soul patches, sideburns, stubble, mustache, and goatee. 

This trimmer makes it into this list as one of the best beard trimmers for black men because of its high precision in styling a beard, thanks to the high-carbon self-sharpening blades. These blades provide the most precise cuts – almost like obsidian without the slightest irritation. 

Moreover, the accessories include an impressive array of precision guards and a powerful battery that can provide up to 2.5 hours of runtime for only 90 minutes of charge time. 

This trimmer features a sophisticated LCD that shows the battery’s charging status. The quiet performance of this trimmer is vastly underrated, and it’s one device that’s easy to use without waking the neighborhood. 

This cordless trimmer is ideal for newbies learning to cut their hair. It is relatively affordable and easy to use for a first-timer. The two separate blades for regular hair maintenance and delicate trimming are a nice touch. 

It’s excellent for black men who like a close cut and offers a large cutting area, making you trim your beard faster. The construction is high-quality and looks like a piece of equipment that will last a long time despite the low price. 

The trimmer ships with a USB charger with a regular-sized port and has all the necessary accessories to improve such devices’ performance and experience. The unusual torchlight shape is a bit unique, but it provides an excellent grip to tackle all hair types. 

The only apparent drawback is the flimsy plastic container, which doesn’t help keep the attachments and heads organized. A sturdier box would have served as an excellent organizer for the many accessories. 

Still, the quality is a fantastic bargain for the price, and it’s one trimmer that doesn’t fail to impress.


  • Easy to handle

  • Keeps beards even and neat

  • Quiet engine

  • LCD battery status

  • Lightweight with adjustable dial


  • It doesn’t work with the charger plugged in

  • Packaging could be better

The Panasonic ER-GB370K is the best beard trimmer for black men looking to trim their beards in any situation. Firstly, the lightweight precision blades are inspired by Japanese blade craftsmanship – renowned for exceptionally durable, sharp, and high-strength katana blades. 

This technology transfer on this trimmer blade ensures its perfect balance of performance and strength, providing an exceptional cutting edge for the most comfortable trim. 

These blades are sharpened to a 45-degree angle for optimum grooming performance. The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades offer irritation-free shave even when trimming on the most sensitive skin. 

You’ll love this trimmer because of the 19 unique trim settings that allow you to cut your mustache and beard no matter the length you want. Whether 0.5mm or 10mm, it’s a versatile trimmer handy for detailing, sculpting, and manscaping. 

Besides, the comb attachment is a snug fit and easily clasps into the trimmer for an efficient, comfortable shave. The rechargeable battery isn’t the longest lasting. Still, it offers around 40 minutes of cordless trim, whether in the sink or inside the shower. 

Many trimmers are hard to clean, but this device features an open water drain that allows you to run warm water through the head to remove excess hairs and dirt. 

It also ships with a charging stand, cleaning brush, and clipper oil so you can start trimming without making additional purchases. 

There are a few drawbacks, like the charger base that can be an awkward fit for most power outlets. Another issue is the price which can be a turn-off for many black men. 

Still, this trimmer works very well and will live up to the expectations of any black man looking for a fantastic trimming experience.


  • The precision blades are inspired by Japanese craftsmanship

  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel

  • Excellent for a wet and dry trim

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • It comes with a charging stand and clipper oil


  • Expensive compared to other competition

  • The charging stand is awkward to use

  • Heavy and not easily maneuverable


It’s a testament to the quality of the Panasonic brand that two trimmers from the stable of this most illustrious company make it into the list of the best beard trimmers for black men. 

The ER-GB42K bears an eerie similarity with its cousin above with similar features and functionalities. Firstly, the ultra-sharp, hypoallergenic cutters are honed to a 45-degree angle for the smoothest trim, even for the densest and unruliest beards. 

The current Panasonic design uses a dial setting. The ER-GB42K has 19 different dial settings you can adjust on the fly to trim your beard to the perfect length for your facial hair. 

A snap-on comb attachment simplifies the difficulty in trimming knotty, stubborn hairs. This round-edged comb lifts flattened tangled strands for an effortless trim.

Ths trimmer features an ingenious rubber handle that provides excellent grip control, allowing you to trim the trickiest corners of the face without issues. 

However, the standout feature of this device is the ability to immerse inside water. This ability allows you to use the trimmer with the shower running to soften your facial hair before cutting. 

It also has a quick drain that makes cleaning the blades simple, running the edges over warm water. Additional conveniences include an AC charging station that will glow red when in active charge. 

This trimmer also provides up to 50 minutes of cordless trimming. All accessories fit easily into most luggage, so you can always look bright and sharp. Some trimmers tug on the beard, but this trimmer has an F1 engine for a smooth and satisfying shave.

Consequently, it isn’t as quiet as many trimmers, but the sound isn’t overly unpleasant. The Li-ion battery can last a week before running out of juice, making this trimmer your ideal travel buddy. 

The only issue worth complaining about is that it flings the trimmed hair far and wide, making cleaning the environment difficult. The trimmer also needs constant lube, or it will tug at your facial hair. Still, the sleek design and firm rubber grip make this trimming tool hard to beat.


  • Firm, rubberized grip

  • Powerful motor

  • Excellent durable construction

  • 50 minutes of cordless use

  • Can function while plugged into a power outlet


  • It flings out hair everywhere

  • It doesn’t keep a beard longer than 10mm

When you think lightning can’t strike twice, it so happens that it does three times with the third consecutive Panasonic beard trimmer on this list! 

The ER-SB40K needs no introduction. This trimmer is the recipient of the GQ Magazine grooming award and has consistently remained one of the best beard trimmers for black men since 2017.

It has up to 19 precision settings for all types of facial hair trimming. The quick-adjust dial and array of combs help you to make a fashion statement with your beard. 

The linear-driven, high-performance motor offers up to 9800 rpm. It maintains optimum power up to the end of every shave. Like its predecessors, it features an ergonomic handle with a raised surface for the most confident grip when trimming your facial hair. 

The waterproof design makes it easy to wash under running water. However, you’ll need to remove any attachment and turn it off before any attempt to clean. This trimmer provides up to 60 minutes of cordless trimming – thanks to the most efficient Li-ion battery. 

Besides, it’s pluggable for extended use and still offers the same high-performance corded or cordless. The beating heart of this device is Panasonic’s fastest motor that handles even the densest beards. 

Black men with sensitive skin can place their trust in these hypoallergenic blades that offer a comfortable shave. This trimmer weighs 2.88lbs and still provides an exceptional trim despite its lightweight design. 

Still, the price remains a significant wall many African American men may find too high to climb. That said, the Panasonic ER-SB40K is still worth its weight in gold for users who can look beyond the price tag.


  • 60-minute cordless use

  • Lightweight and powerful

  • Rubberized ergonomic grip

  • Durable sleek construction

  • Snap-on attachments cut various hair lengths


  • Very expensive

  • Requires constant oiling

Beardscape Pro isn’t renowned like some brands on this list, but it’s a superior trimmer that has earned its place in the pantheon of the greats. It has a solid construction with a durable casing, making it an excellent choice for home use. 

The weight at 3.6lbs doesn’t make it unwieldy. In contrast, it gives this trimmer that high-quality feel. This tool is crafted from the most premium materials. It’s hard to find fault with the design that includes slightly raised edges on both sides for better handling and grip. 

This tool has an adjustable blade close to zero on the lowest setting. It also emits less heat than the competition, thanks to ceramic blades. This blade type produces less friction and is four times stronger than the standard stainless steel you find in such a piece of equipment.

Brio’s Beardscape has five trim settings that prolong or deplete the battery life and affect blade speed. The speed adjuster allows you to increase the cutting speed from 5000rpm to a respectable 7000 rpm. 

An LED screen provides information about trimmer maintenance, battery life, and trimmer status. This trimmer has the best battery charge to consumption of any trimmer on this list, providing four hours of cordless use for three hours of charge time. 

More importantly, you can plug it in and use it even when the battery is out of juice. The travel case is an excellent feature that makes it easy to store the trimmer and its many accessories. It’s a premium box with a beautiful design and a felt liner accentuating its high-quality feature.

However, like any other product, it does have its weaknesses. The zero blade provides the closest shave. Consequently, this blade doesn’t shine as brightly for detail work compared to the T-blade on rival brands. 

Moreover, it’s not a device that takes to the water like a duck, making it a more demanding challenge to maintain and less versatile for shower use. 

Like most cordless trimmers, tis doesn’t have the pure power of some of the corded beard trimmers. It’s rechargeable lithium battery does make it the perfect trimmer for light touch ups on a business trip. Still, this is a leather man’s tool with an exciting assortment of guards to give your beard the TLC it needs.


  • Adjustable speed settings

  • Ergonomic LED display

  • Premium travel case with charger for rechargeable batteries

  • Multiple comb attachments for various beard length

  • Long lasting battery life from a premium lithium ion battery


  • Not for shower use

  • Not the best for detail work

Best Beard Trimmer For Black Men: Buying Guide

Beard trimmers for black men come in different shapes and sizes. Many black men regret buying a beard trimmer that wasn’t cut out for their needs. Consider the following features when opting for a trimmer.

Blade Quality

Black men generally have coarse hair that’s a challenge to trim. Only the most premium blade can handle this facial hair type; the best blades are ceramic or stainless steel. 

The ceramic blade is less prone to overheating, while the stainless steel is often self-sharpening. 

Black men with sensitive skin will do well to go for hypoallergenic blades to reduce and prevent the bumps and rashes caused by skin irritation.

Engine Power

The motor is the beating heart of any electric trimmer. A more powerful engine will have a higher rotation-per-minute (RPM), which makes for a smoother trim. 

Black men are more likely to suffer cuts and bumps. The powerful engine running at the highest speeds will cut through dense and knotty hair like a hot knife through butter, effortlessly gliding over the skin. 

The best beard trimmer for African American men must have a high-performance engine reminiscent of a sports car.

Comb Sizes

Black men are unique in their style, and one can’t expect each man to wear the same beard length. Opt for a beard trimmer with various comb attachments that enable you to cut your facial hair to suit your style. 

The best beard trimmer for black men will have an assortment of combs, brushes, and other accessories that elevate your trimming experience.

Battery Power

Battery power is handy when you want to shave on the go. It’s also helpful when traveling or in the great outdoors, allowing you to trim your beard in the most remote locations. 

Some beard trimmers have excellent cutting potential but fall flat on their faces regarding battery life. The best beard trimmers can last from 40 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the trimmer setting. 

Other Attachments

Beard trimmers specialize in trimming facial hair, but current devices are taking over hair clippers and shaving razors with the ability to cut hair and perform manscaping needs. Some trimmers even have ear and nose attachments to take care of hair in those body parts.  


Beard trimmers offer more precision than hair clippers, and they achieve this by design or a specialized attachment. 

Some trimmers come with T-blades which offer more promise for sculpting and detail work, reaching the tightest corners of the neck, jawline, and under the nose. Precision trimmers often have a slender neck and 360 edges for greater control.

Price Range

The ingredients’ quality mainly determines a soup’s tastiness, which is the case for beard trimmers for black men. Lower-priced products often use cheaper materials and parts that result in lower performance. 

Contrastingly, higher-priced brands are more durable, have a premium quality build, and come with many accessories and features that enhance the experience. Still, the key is finding a balance between quality and price to get the trimmer you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s okay to clear your doubts as we strive to answer a few common questions about the best beard trimmers for black men.

What is the use of a beard trimmer?

A beard trimmer may look like an unnecessary accessory. Still, it’s a critical grooming tool in the arsenal of a black man. It cuts facial hair closer than a hair clipper, provides better detailing, and isn’t as irritable as a shaving razor.

What brand of clippers do black barbers use?

Black barbers use various clippers from brands like Wahl, Panasonic, Andis, and BaByliss – all manufacturers that design heavy-duty clippers for black men.

What trimmers do barbers use for beards?

Barbers use all sorts of trimmers for beards depending on the barber’s preference and shaving technique. The best trimmers for beards will depend on the cut style, hair length, and beard type.


The best trimmer for black men goes to the Andis 7400 GTX-EXO with redesigned GTX-Z blades that are a game changer in the hair trimming industry. The gold finish adds to the style of these trimmers, providing enhanced visibility for the most detailed work.

Moreover, the Li-ion battery provides 100 minutes of cordless trimming, which is on par with the most efficient brands on the market.

The 7,200rpm is more than decent enough power to mow down the most stubborn facial hair, and the self-sharpening carbon steel blades are easy to maintain.

It wasn’t the best in all the departments but was a close second in many categories to take the top spot. Still, the trimmers on this list are fantastic choices that offer excellent value for any black man.

Travis J.