Best Blow Dryer with Comb Attachment

7 Best Blow Dryers with Comb Attachments

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 We tested seven blow dryers and found the JINRI 1875 Watt Hair Dryer with Style Attachments to be the best blow dryer with comb attachment.

 Everyone faces the problem of wet hair, but each hair type has slightly different needs. Particularly for those of us with natural hair or fine hair, we still need to be careful with how we apply heat but maintain healthy hair. I personally struggle with finding the right equipment to keep my hair from becoming a frizz ball.

The best hair dryers do a lot more than simply dry hair, they also come with the features that prevents heat damage. If you want to straighten your hair quickly, you don’t want to wait for it to dry and then have to go through the process of straightening.

Nowadays, we like simplicity. We want everything in the most effortless form possible, which is why a hair dryer with some extra attachments, like a comb, is vital. The comb piece is why the JINRI is the best on the market, as it combines practicality, style, and function.

 Hair dryers have different focuses so that all hairstyles can find the product they need. Some people, like me, need something to keep the frizz down, while others need something to dry and comb. Some users, especially moms, might value a product quiet enough to keep the house asleep when you use it, and quite a few people need to keep static away.

 Whatever you’re going to use your blow dryer and comb attachment for, there is one out there for you. Continue reading to see what product is best for you and fits your needs!

The Top Seven Blow Dryers with Comb Attachment

Best Hair Dryers with Comb Attachment Reviewed

This blow dryer works for almost all hair types, including wavy, thin, dry, or even oily hair. The JINRI attachments include a diffuser to add volume to flat hair, a comb, and concentrator. This device is more for lighter hair types but can be used to dry heavier strands; it will just take longer.

The JINRI 1875W Dryer has different speeds and heat levels that allow you to switch up the drying cycle. It is a lighter dryer, meaning it can be easier to lift for longer, and the handle is easy to hold. This one includes a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. 

This product uses infrared technology and negative ion technology so that you can use the lower heat settings more often, minimizing the harmful side effects of using heat on your hair. The dryer has a cold function to make it even better for your hair. The way that it dries also works to reduce static.

The Andis hair dryer comes in multiple colors and with three additional add-ons. This product is affordable and long-lasting, although it consists of polymer and ceramic technology, which can break easily, but have great longevity. The Andis Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer focuses on drying hair by breaking apart the water molecules dry your hair quickly.

While Andis only has three attachments total, they are all comb attachments. Unlike a diffuser or concentrator, this dryer solely focuses on combing and drying. It has three heat settings, a cool function, and a turbo function to speed up the hair drying process. 

Each attachment has a different purpose, but all of them are good to use on any hair. The cool shot is perfect for controlling curly hair without frizzing it up and causing a bigger mess. If used properly, this hair dryer can also take the place of a flat iron and straighten hair as it dries. 

It may not get super hot, but these hair dryers work well, especially for those with thick, curly, oily, or coiled hair! The cooler effects are also better for your hair health. 

Conair is a famous name in the hair dryer department, and for good reason. The Infiniti Pro dryer is another in a long line of excellent products. It comes with three attachments: a brush and two types of combs. The base has a lock button under the head to lock each piece in place so it stays put, even when combing through difficult hair. 

This product is specifically for people with frizzy hair. Conair delivers a dramatic decrease of frizz (up to seventy-five percent less) as it uses a ceramic material and ionic technology to dry your hair faster. 

The filter on this dryer hinges for easy access so it is easy to clean regularly. Different from most of its competitors, who only have three to four settings, this product has six heat/cool functions to reach the perfect drying temperature. 

It may market to the frizz hair community, but the Infiniti Pro Conair Hair Dryer can apply to all hair types. Infiniti Pro is easy to use, and comes with a high velocity airflow speed settings to help in eliminating frizz.

A hairdryer is almost synonymous with loud sounds, but that can be the end of the world for the tired mom or annoyed roommate. Xpoliman delivers the perfect solution with this quiet blow dryer that comes in a fashionable blue and white design. 

Technically speaking, while the dryer does come with many attachments, only two can effectively comb through hair. While it is ceramic, it is much more high-powered than most at 2000W instead of the average 1600 or 1875W. It includes a safety plug to protect against fires. 

Ionic technology meshed with an AC motor and an easily cleanable filter help keep the sound down on this device. Using a diffuser or concentrator can also lower sound decibels, but that means that you can’t use a comb attachment at the same time. 

The non-slip handle on this dryer is usable for a left or right-handed person. Xpoliman works for all hair types, but performs best on straight or curly hair, although it will work fine with coiled hair.

Not everyone can afford to shell out fifty to a hundred dollars for a the best hair dryers with a built-in comb attachment. Thankfully, the Gold ‘N Hot Dryer is a budget option that can still hold its own against some of the more expensive blow dryers with comb attachments. 

With a lightweight design and easy use in mind, this product does exactly what it says it will. It dries and combs at the same time, producing a flat-ironed effect without actually having to flat iron your hair. 

Gold ‘N Hot sets itself apart because it can work internationally with its universal dual voltage. There are three heat settings and two different attachments that come with the device: a comb/pic and a concentrator. 

This blow dryer can be used on all hairstyles but works well with long and thick hair. As it is one of the cheapest on the list, it does not have as many attachments and may not get as hot as some higher-priced products.

There are many types of hair out there, and it is challenging to find a blow dryer that can effectively dry your hair without damaging or turning your hair into a rat nest. RED by KISS is completely different from other dryers, not only in their adaptability but also in the fact that it does not have a handle. 

This dryer is ceramic and lightweight, but instead of holding onto the handle, you grab onto the head of the dryer, which makes combing much easier. RED includes three temperature settings and three attachments. 

It dries very fast and is easy to use, providing salon-quality hair. While the cord might be a little short, that is nothing a good extension cord cannot solve. It does not burn hands or hair and works exceptionally well. 

The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty with the purchase. RED is one of the best hair dryers with comb attachments for 4c hair. This dryer can work amazingly on thick, coiled hair as well as thin, straight hair. RED combats frizz and static alike.

Vidal Sassoon uses ionic technology but includes an off switch if you choose not to use negative ions. It has three temperature settings and three attachments. Along with a detangling comb, it also includes a smoothing brush attachment and styling brush attachment. 

Vidal is perfect for international travel because of its dual voltage. An ion technology styler is built into the Vidal Sassoon to provide an anti-static and anti-frizz experience. However, this dryer can be a little loud as it fights against static. 

The attachments do not fall off easily, and the dryer produces tons of heat on the higher settings. It works well with all hairstyles, but using it with thicker hair might wear out the product faster. 

It is perfect for travel and packs nicely with a hook to help hold the cord in place. Vidal Sassoon works to keep frizz and static away while also drying and straightening hair in the process, making it a great purchase for those whose main concern is frizz.

Buying Guide

With so many options available, it becomes a challenge to find the perfect dryer within your price range that does what you need it to do. A blow dryer that includes a comb tends to be a lower-heat device that works with ceramic insides to create a drying but flattening effect. So what should you be looking for in the best blower dryer with comb attachments?


Wattage may not seem like a big deal. The numbers may seem high to you, but they have a purpose. Watts will help you understand how much power the device holds and what it can accomplish in shorter amounts of time. A higher wattage device will produce more power, but that also means that it may be tougher on delicate hair.


The material a blow dryer consists of can become a game-changer. Ceramic is one of the prime characteristics to look for when deciding on a hairdryer. Ceramic technology models dry hair without having to implement high-heat techniques. A dryer with good materials can save your hair from heat damage.


Almost all decent hair dryers come with some sort of attachment, but most do not include a comb. This is because many manufacturers assume that you will use your current brush and thus do not need their attachment. 

The accessories you choose not only offer more options for getting your hair style right, they can also speed drying time.


Too much heat damages hair, but hair is also best styled by heat. Straightening, drying, curling, and many other hair style rely on heat reach the desired effect.

The wrong dryer will require you to keep your hair under heat and at a higher temperature for lengthier periods. Many of the best options now include a cool shot button to help lock your styling in place while blow drying your hair . 


It should go without saying, but if a product has tons of bad reviews, then, unfortunately, it may not be the way to go. Everyone loves a steal, but if you have to replace it often because of poor quality, then it is no longer a good deal.

Be aware of what the product should and should not do; and how it performs compared to its competitors. Exercise wisdom and discernment and choose a product whose reviews testify that the price tag is worth it.


Still have some questions about the best blow dryers with comb attachments? Check out this list of frequently asked questions! 

How do you use a comb attachment on a hair dryer?

This can be as easy as attaching the combs to the hair dryer, and then starting it up. The whole purpose of a comb attachment is to allow the hair to be straightened and dried simultaneously. The comb attachment should come along with the hair dryer and be able to be snapped on and sometimes locked in place. 

Once the dryer is correctly attached, you are free to dry and comb to your heart’s desire. It is just like when you brush your hair as you blow over it with the dryer; the parts are simply for easier use.

What are the different hair dryer accessories?

The best hair dryers do more than just their job, they also come with additional add-ons to make life go a little easier. Things like a decompressor, a concentrator, and a comb can help you tame your hair and keep it looking nice all day. 

Each attachment has a different purpose and effect on hair. Different hair types and styles will respond better to the introduction of an extra piece, like a diffuser.

Are hair dryer accessories universal?

Not all accessories can go between brands or even different dryers within a brand. However, most dryers will come with their brand’s additional pieces, or the company will produce separate accessories that fit the device.

Honestly, there is no hard rule and no way to know that an attachment will work unless you can try. After all, the worst that can happen is that it does not fit, work, or stay in place. Do not break your dryer trying to force an attachment on, but there’s no harm in checking!


It is hard to choose an end-all-be-all product that works the best for everyone. However, I have found that I liked the JINRI model, with the Conair and Andis coming in close with a tie for second place. They all did what they were supposed to and worked for a long time. The comb accessories were sturdy, easy to attach, and worked well. 

It may be easy to find a hair dryer to buy on your own, even one with a comb attachment, but consider snatching one from this list to set yourself up for success with the best blow dryer with a comb attachment that you can find. Click on any of the links in the product descriptions to purchase one of these great hair dryers!

Khadija B.