Best Deep Conditioner for 4C Hair

Best Deep Conditioner for 4C Hair

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If you have thick curly hair you know that while it can be beautiful and regal, it has to be properly moisturized and taken care of. Since a high quality deep conditioner moisturized and lubricates each strand to prevent breakage – we went out and found the best deep conditioner for 4C hair to make to help.

We’ve tested 7 different products recommended by our hair dresser team, and found Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioning to be the king of deep conditioners for 4c hair. 

Although every item on our list was pretty good, Camille Rose Algae Renew left my hair the softest and moistest.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

Best Deep Conditioner for 4C Hair

Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew 

Best All Organic Deep Condition

Mielle Organics Babassu & Mint

Best For Heat Damage

Carols Daughter Black Vanilla

7 Best Deep Conditioners for 4C Hair Reviewed

Made specifically for curly hair types, Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew contains more than 65 vitamins. The conditioner gives your hair a gourmet-infused treatment and lovely curls. The vitamins infuse the hair with intense moisture, softens hair, and leaves your natural curls intensely hydrated naturally through its pure blue-green algae and mango butter extracts.

We aren’t the only ones who think Camille Rose is outstanding. Online reviews include the following high praise:

“Like most naturals I have tried an unthinkable amount of products and this is one of my favorites for deep conditioning. I keep it stocked!”

“This product is heaven sent! If you have very dry hair, that don’t retain moisture very well or at all, have products just sit on it without getting absorbed, feeling like you constantly have to moisturize our hair for it to feel anything but crispy dry this product WILL change your game!”

Camille Rose naturals contains the below components.

  • Antioxidants to promote moisturization and healthy hair growth

  • Biotin to stimulate growth

  • Organic plant ingredients to prevent split ends, thin hair, and damage to your curls

  • Raw shea butter, coconut oil, and tea extracts to prevent dryness and hair breakage

  • Essential vitamins to deep condition your hair follicles


  • Thick consistency that easily spreads out on hair
  • Softens and smooths your hair
  • Excellent ingredients, e.g., peppermint oil for scalp simulation
  • Doesn’t leave your hair greasy
  • An adorable scent


  • Only available in a small jar

The origin of Mielle Organics Babassu Oil Mint is the Amazonian palm fruit Babassu. So, you can expect high concentrations of tocopherols and sterols. The formula also includes fortifying ingredients like henna, rosemary, and fatty alcohol to balance your moisture levels. Each of the components improves your overall scalp and hair.

Mielle organics Babassu Oil Mint is ideal for low porosity hair and is available at an affordable price. The amino acid in Cantu’s conditioner combats frizz, reduces fly-aways, and is perfect for type 4 hair. Mielle also replenishes troublesome hairlines and has the below additional components:

  • Babassu oil to reduce breakage, smoothen ends, and boost elasticity

  • Sculpting gel for deep hydration and glowy strands


  • A combined minty and citrusy scent
  • Organic ingredients that enhance healthy scalp and hair
  • Reduces the time you take to detangle your hair


  • Has more slip

Curlsmith is an intense deep moisturizer that remoisturizes the driest parts of your 4C hair. The conditioner’s thick, buttery moisture melts onto each strand of your hair. As a result, you get a great slip and detangle your hair.

Curlsmith is curly-friendly and free of phthalates, silicates, sulfates, and mineral oils. The andiroba and resurrection flower in the conditioner nourishes and quenches the driest hair. Finally, Curlsmith’s creamy texture is your ideal deep conditioner if your hair is low porosity.


  • Consists of rare natural ingredients
  • Excellent detangler


  • Small package – not made with thick curly hair in mind 

Tgin Miracle is protein-free and ideal for curly and kinky hair, like 4C type hair. Tgin honey miracle hair mask works instantly on damaged, dry, dull, and color-treated hair. The instant makeover comes from different essential oils like olive and jojoba oil found in the deep conditioner.

The honey in the conditioner reduces breakage and is a natural humectant to keep your hair moisturized. Tgin further nourishes, repairs, and restores the health of over-processed hair or brittle. Also, if you want shiny hair, then tgin honey miracle is the way to go.


  • Smoothens and makes unmanageable hair softer and easier to brush 
  • Heals damaged hair
  • Thick but doesn’t way down your hair 


  • Doesn’t contain any protein  – not great for low porosity hair

Carol’s Daughter provides buttery hydration to brittle, dull, and dry hair. The butter and vitamins in the conditioner penetrate your hair’s core to deepen your moisturizing experience. Mango and coconut oil are also present in the conditioner to reduce breakage and retain length.

Carol’s daughter has no sulfates, mineral oils, parabens, or other harsh chemicals. So, you won’t deal with product build-up on your scalp. Besides, your hair becomes detangled, more manageable, and easy to comb. If your hair is curly, Carol’s daughter has the extra moisture you need for a shinier and stronger appearance.


  • Has a lavish black vanilla scent
  • Most ingredients are natural
  • Doesn’t leave any build-up on your hair


  • Only comes in 8 oz.

Mizani is induced with argan oil, Cupuacu butter, and honey to restore vibrancy to your 4C dry hair. The conditioner intensely moisturizes your hair without added weight or build-up. As a result, you get touchably soft, defined, and manageable strands.

Mizani is free of harmful ingredients and ideal if you have dandruff or an itchy or red scalp. In addition, the conditioner has soothing and anti-itchy properties for a healthier scalp. Finally, the nourishing ingredients in Mizani restore your hair follicles from deep within.


  • Has a great scent
  • Has a lightweight
  • Enhances your hair’s bounciness
  • Promotes natural hair growth


  • The scent may be too pronounced if you are sensitive to smells
  • Unsuitable for fine hair

Cantu hair masque penetrates your haircut cuticles and follicles to reduce breakage. The conditioner also restores and strengthens dry and damaged hair. So, look no further than Cantu if you have manipulated, damaged, or relaxed hair.

Color treatment and chemicals could damage your hair, but Cantu nourishes and replenishes your hair. The product is also affordable as an added advantage, and you can find various sizes at different prices.


  • Pleasant smelling hair masque
  • Softens curls
  • Has natural shea butter infused hair replenishment properties
  • Cruelty-free 


  • Some people find the scent too strong

Buying Guide

Let’s take a quick look at some factors you might need to consider regarding deep conditioners:

Why Should You Deep Condition 4C Hair?

Deep conditioning doesn’t leave the product on your hair. Instead, the products penetrate each hair shaft. As a result, your hair opens up the pores to allow the product’s intake. As a result, you get the below benefits:

  • Protection from damage. A great deep conditioner lets necessary nutrients into your hair and removes weak hair ends to prevent breakage.

  • Improved elasticity. Deep conditioning treatment enhances strength to ensure your hair stretches without breakage.

  • Luster restoration. If your hair has grown dull over time, a deep conditioner adds moisture and nutrients to restore shine.

  • Protection for color-pressed hair. Color treatment strips your hair of natural moisture, but deep conditioner infuses the water back into your hair.

You can use a protein or deep moisturizing conditioner based on your desired outcome. Protein deep conditioners strengthen your hair to reduce the likelihood of breakage. Moisturizing deep conditioners make your hair more healthy and easier to style.

What Makes the Top Deep Conditioners Suitable for 4C Hair?

You’ll opt for top-quality deep conditioners when proper hair care is your concern. However, the search may be difficult, especially if you want an item specific to your hair type. For instance, Mizani moisture is the best for excellent scalp health, while Camile naturals are the best overall.

The products above stand out because each adheres to several factors discussed below.

  • Reputable brand value – Deep conditioners from excellent brands have unique features to differentiate each from competitors’ products.

  • Specifications – You can find deep conditioners with the right balance and high standards with numbers. So, the top deep conditioners have the needed balance of all ingredients.

  • Excellent customer reviews – All top products have commendable reviews because many people are pleased with the outcome of each conditioner.

  • Value for money – The best deep conditioners for 4C hair aren’t the cheapest or the most expensive but one that gives you the results that equate to the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some common questions regarding the best deep conditioner for 4C hair:

What is a good deep conditioner for 4C natural hair?

A good deep conditioning masque is rich in moisture, reduces friction, and is high-quality. Besides, the conditioner should contain high-grade slippery plant-based ingredients and no mineral oil. In a nutshell, look at the ingredients, proteins, emollients, and humectants before buying a deep conditioner.

  • Ingredients. Since 4C hair needs a moisturized deep conditioner, ensure the ingredients are natural, organic, and without parabens. Also, look for ingredients that stimulate your scalp and fight bacteria, e.g., tree oil.

  • Proteins. The protein level of the deep conditioner you choose depends on your hair needs. If your hair is high-porosity, color-treated, or damaged by heat, opt for a conditioner with protein treatments to strengthen your hair.

    If you have protein sensitive hair, opt for using a deep conditioner regularly that is designed to restore moisture. If your hair is rigid, stiff, or low porosity your perfect deep conditioner is the one that infuses hair with moisture.

  • Emollients and Humectants. Emollients penetrate your hair to preserve moisture, while humectants promote glowy hair. Humectants and emollients also detangle your hair to prevent knots and breakage.

How often should 4C hair be deep conditioned?

How often you deep condition depends on the type of 4c hair you have and whether you use protective styles between wash days. Suppose your hair is quick to retain moisture, deep condition every fortnight. But, if your hair has suffered damage or is brittle, increase the frequency to once weekly.

Consider your lifestyle since blow dries, bleaches, perms, etc., call for more frequent hair treatment. Also, if your hair is low-porosity, deep condition every wash day because low porosity doesn’t let moisture in easily.

How do you deeply moisturize 4C hair?

The ideal time to moisturize your 4C hair is when the hair is clean. So you can consider moisturization on wash day. Then, moisten with the below steps:

  • Part your hair into smaller sections to give more chance for every strand to get the conditioner

  • Apply your conditioner from the root towards the tip, one area at a time, until you finish the whole head

  • Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave for the time your manufacturer has indicated on the instructions label

  • Rinse out the deep conditioner and apply sealant

Deep condition regularly, but don’t overdo the sessions. If your hair weakens or becomes limp, reduce the frequency of moisturization. Also, alternate the protein to moisture balance to give your hair the needed water and nutrients.

Other than the procedural steps with a deep conditioner, different ways to continually moisturize your 4C hair are as follows:

  • Spray regularly with water. Dampen your hair and then lock in moisture with the LOC method.

  • Drink enough water. The water you drink also reflects on your skin and hair.

  • Sleep in a satin bonnet. 4C hair easily losses moisture as you sleep, so use a satin bonnet to retain the moisture.

  • Minimize heat exposure. Blow dryers and flat irons strip your hair of moisture. So, minimize the dryness and brittleness that comes with heat.

  • Use protective hairstyles. Opt for hairstyles that tack your ends well and protect you from elements that dry out your hair.

Which DIY products can I use for my 4C hair?

Certain ingredients might be more beneficial to your 4C hair than others. You can make some deep conditioners with available home ingredients based on your need. Examples of DIY deep conditioners to try are as follows:

Coconut Oil and Honey

Honey absorbs moisture from the environment and restores damaged hair to its original luster. Active enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that cause your 4c hair to grow faster are also found in honey. Besides, coconut oil unclogs blocked hair follicles and gets rid of steroids and bacteria that cause the blockage.

Honey and coconut oil relieve itchy scalp and dandruff and promote healthy hair growth. Follow the steps below to make your own:

  • Warm a portion of coconut oil

  • Transfer the oil into a bowl and add a similar amount of honey

  • Mix thoroughly, and their deep conditioner is ready for application

Banana Natural Deep Conditioner

Bananas are rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, natural oils, and potassium. All the ingredients mentioned lock in moisture to keep hair soft, add glow and prevent and repair split ends. The potassium restores your hair’s natural elasticity to minimize breakage. The steps to prepare your homemade deep conditioner are as follows:

  • Mash a ripe banana until you get rid of all lumps

  • Add the mashed bananas with yogurt and add two tablespoons of olive oil and honey

  • Mix well until your mixture becomes consistent, and you’ll be good to go

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is ideal for itchy scalps due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties. The proteolytic enzymes found in aloe vera also repair dead skin cells on your scalp. As a result, you get smooth, shiny hair with reduced dandruff and increased length.

You can make your aloe Vera deep conditioner in two simple steps. First, scrap out a reasonable amount of aloe gel from the aloe vera leaf and place it in a blender. Then, add a cup of olive oil and blend to get your deep conditioner.

Avocado Homemade Deep Conditioner

4c hair sometimes requires much prowess to become smooth and silky. You will also have to alleviate frizz to attain greater hair length. So, you need a conditioner that reaches within your scalp roots to rejuvenate your flaky scalp.

Avocados are one of the best products to treat flaky scalp and lusterless hair. You soothe unruly hair with much hydration, fatty acids, and vitamin E in avocados. The steps to make your homemade avocado deep conditioner are simple. You can use either of the two ways listed below:

  • Mash a ripe avocado and mix with mayonnaise or curd, and you’ll get your smooth paste conditioner

  • Mash one avocado and add a little olive oil, then mix the two well to get your deep conditioner


A strategic deep conditioner distinguishes between damaged and healthy, hydrated 4C hair. With the guide above, you can only get the best products available. The defining line is the specific needs you want for your hair.

As I already mentioned, the best one in my opinion is the Camille Rose Algae Renew conditioner. While all seven were amazing, it topped them all when it came to the most important result; renewing and refreshing my dry, coarse hair!

Khadija B.