Best Dreadlock Extensions for Men

Best Dread Extensions for Men

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Growing your hair out long enough to style them into dreads can be a time-consuming process for one of the best long term options in style and self expression. It also puts too much stress on your scalp, causing patchy hair growth. Why go through all that when you can purchase a much more convenient solution? Dread extensions, of course!

Dreadlock extensions have quickly become one of men’s most popular exotic hair looks over the past few years, and we don’t blame them. By installing the best dreadlock extensions, you get a blend of glamour and an aesthetically pleasing look without any commitment. By exulting confidence and individuality, dread extensions guarantee a natural and bouncy look. 

Are you convinced about investing in the best dreadlock extensions? We’ve got your back! Keep reading to discover the best dread extension for men available in the current market.

Reviewing the Best Dread Extensions for Men at a glance

To help you choose your unique style, we reviewed 15 of the best dread extensions on the market. Our top five picks include the Aosome Dreadlock Extensions, Vivica Fox Hair Collection Dread Extension, Wantoade Dread Extensions, Adiasai Real Human Hair Extensions, and Alimice Dreadlock Extensions.

Below is a detailed review of each and a helpful buying guide so you can make an informed decision without any regrets. You can thank us later for helping you save time, money, and all that effort.

In all the dreadlock extensions we have reviewed, Aosome takes the lead for being the best dreadlock extensions for men, and for all the right reasons! First and foremost, it has the most distinguishable features. The dreads come in different lengths, ranging between the standard 8 inches to 24 inches, making it easier for YOU to decide the kind of hairstyle you want. 

Available in a whopping range of 10 colors, there is endless choice. The brand even offers ombre colors for those looking to keep up with the latest trends. Each pack comes with 20 strands. 

While the dreadlock extensions are not made of natural human hair, they are handcrafted using high-quality synthetic fiber. That is primarily because using thread ensures the longevity of the dreads without causing quick wear and tear. 

Are you looking for the best dreadlock extensions for men with short hair? No problem! The Vivica Fox Hair Collection offers dread extensions in various sizes varying between 5 to 16 inches. You can always opt for the 5-inch dread pack and trim them as needed. 

Made from 100% unprocessed and Virgin human hair, these dreads come in an afro curl kinky texture, helping you get the closest look to a natural dread. The dreads are crafted in natural black color; however, they are both bleach and dye friendly. You can even use heat on the hair (in the form of curling iron and straighteners) as long as you take good care of them. 

Wantoade is one of the biggest names in the dreads market, known for making the best natural dreadlock extensions for men. You can add these dreadlocks to either natural hair or existing dreads as they are super easy to install. Each pack comes with 20 strands with lengths of around 8 to 9 inches. If you want full coverage, we recommend purchasing two groups instead. 

Wantoade collects all its natural hair from young donors’ virgin hair, which guarantees healthy, clean, and soft hair that has not been exposed to heat and color. As a result, all of the dreads from this brand are handmade human hair. 

Most of the time, these dreads are available in the natural black color. The hair texture makes it comfortable to keep the dreads on for long. You can easily use these extensions for three to five months with proper care and an easy hand on the washing. 

The Adiasai Real Human Hair Extensions are lightweight, preventing tension on the roots of the hair. That prevents breakage and warrants comfortable wear for weeks leading up to months. 

Adiasai warrants high-quality dreads, which is why they only use unprocessed natural human hair that has not had exposure to artificial heat. This redeeming quality surely helps this company produce the best dread extensions for men. On top of that, you can easily dye your hair any color.

Each pack comes with 100 strands, which is more than enough to give you full coverage, all while lasting several changes throughout the year. These are probably the most affordable dreads options for quality and quantity that you can find! 

If you feel like a strand is getting loose and worn out, simply swap it out for a new one. The dreads blend in with your natural hair.

The Alimice Dreadlock Extensions are 100% handmade. They come in a package of 30 strands, which are more than enough to cover a standard head while leaving some extra to replace. As they are handmade, there might be a slight variation in the length. The best part about these dreads is that they are made to be a little tighter than other similar products in the market so that they do not immediately loosen up. That keeps them durable and far from quick wear and tear. 

Since the Alimice dread extensions use human hair, they can be easily washed and dyed. That gives the user plenty of color options to choose from, especially when they get bored of the same hair color and style. However, be wary of washing them in hot water! It can dry out the texture. The best way to clean these dread extensions is by soaking them in lukewarm water rather than rubbing them. 

An In-depth Review of Some Other Best Dread Extensions for Men 

While those mentioned above five dread extensions are known to be top of their game, it is always best to review all the options in the market before investing. After all, having a strong hair game is essential in this day in age. 

For this reason, we have rounded up 11 of the best dread extensions for men with endless features to help you find the right extensions for your hair type, style, and need. 

Dsoar 6-inch Handmade Dreadlocks 

Key Features: 

  • Material: imported high-temperature fiber 

  • Length: 6 inches 

  • Color: Black

Crafted in horizontal texture, the Dsoar attachable dreadlocks will give you the perfect look of dreads without committing to years of growing them yourself. The handmade dreads look very natural and stay compact for an extended period. Their length makes them the best dread extensions for men with short hair. e

Initially, the dreads will feel slightly stiff; however, after a few washes, they will loosen up and feel much more comfortable to deal with daily. The extensions come in a pack of 25-30 strands, which can easily cover a full head. The dread extensions come with cuffs and other hair accessories to make the hairstyle look elevated. 

Yonna Dreadlocks Extensions 

Key Features: 

  • Material: Microloc 

  • Length: 12 inches 

  • Color: Available in several colors 

  • It can be dyed and bleached

If you’re looking for the best dread extensions for men, the Yonna Dreadlocks Extensions deliver perfection and more! These are crafted especially for men, ensuring that you look manly and calm when flaunting your new hairstyle. While the extensions are faux, they are made using high-quality materials to guarantee natural-looking dreadlocks. Each dread is about 12 inches long, making them the perfect bougie hairstyle to flaunt. 

The dreads are available in five colors: white, blonde, dusty blonde, medium brown, and black. Whenever you get bored of your dreads, introduce some color by dying them! It is as simple as that. 

Every extension pack comes with 20 strands, each weighing around 5 grams. It is surely enough to cover the entire head. 

Pouther Tong BA Dreadlock Extensions 

Key Features: 

  • Material: Human Hair

  • Length: 8 inches 

  • Color: Natural color 1B

  • Can be dyed

These hand-braided dreadlock extensions are made with real human hair of premium quality. Coming down to a length of 8 inches, the extensions come in a pack of 20 strands. When you first braid the dreads, they might be a little stiff. However, this ensures that the dreads do not loosen up and wear out easily. After brief contact with water, the dreads will become softer and look even more natural. 

Given that the extensions are made of human hair, you can easily wet them with water, take a bath, and go for a swim. Treat the dreads like you would if they were your own hair! While they are available in the stock natural color 1B, they can be bleached and dyed according to your preference. 

NoverLife Male Faux Locs 

Key Features: 

  • Material: Synthetic hair 

  • Length: 7 inches 

  • Color: Available in several colors 

These synthetic dreadlocks can be easily worn into different styles, including dreads and twists. The twists make the dreads beautiful, helping them stand out against their competitors, all while contributing to a natural finish. The extensions come in a pack of 10 strands, ranging between 7-8 inches. 

If you’re looking for half-head coverage, one pack will do fine. However, if you want to cover your head completely with the dreads, invest in at least two to three packages. 

While you can bleach the faux dreads, it is recommended not to. That is because the dreads do not have natural hair, which means that the bleach and dye can make the dreads weak and brittle, ultimately reducing the life of the extensions. If you’re concerned about colors, don’t worry! NoverLife introduces plenty of colors to choose from, including light blonde, chocolate, dark brown, brown, black, grey, and even auburn. 

Jisheng Loc Extensions 

Key Features: 

  • Material: Human hair

  • Length: 8 inches 

  • Color: Available in several colors 

  • Can be dyed

The Jisheng Loc Extensions are a groundbreaker in the market of dread extensions, making them one of the best dread extensions for men. Since the dreads are made with 100% human hair, they are incredibly lightweight and bouncy. Not only this, but fine-quality human hair is chosen for dreads, which means you’re guaranteed to get shiny, smooth, and flexible extensions. 

The extensions come pre-looped, which makes these extensions a deal breaker for many. You can either install them by braiding them or by using clips. Each package comes with 30 strands, which is more than enough to get full head coverage. With the Jisheng Loc Extensions, say goodbye to processed, chemical-smelling, and tangled dreads! 

Daixi 30 Strands Dreadlock Extensions 

Key Features: 

  • Material: Human hair

  • Length: 8 inches 

  • Color: Available in three colors 

With the Daixi hair extensions, there is no end to versatility. Not only are the dreads made of human hair, but they are also super lightweight, soft, and comfortable to wear. The dreads are available in three colors: light, medium, and dark. Since the dreads consist of human hair, it is easy to pick one of the three standard colors, each of which can then be bleached and dyed according to your style. 

The package comes with 30 matted strands, ample to get full head coverage, and a crotchet hook and rat tail comb. These add-ons make it easier for you to install the dreads without needing to spend hundreds of dollars at a professional salon. 

Simply use the latch hook technique to get the hairstyle you desire. For dread extensions for men with short hair, simply trim the locs to the desired length. 

MoreYoungc Dreadlock Extension 

Key Features: 

  • Material: Naturally straight human hair

  • Length: 8-20 inches 

  • Color: Available in four colors

  • It can be dyed and bleached

If you’re looking for stylish dreadlocks that are also super manly, check out the MoreYoung dread extensions. They come in four different colors with an addition of limited edition gold color. The MoreYoungc extensions are some of the best dread extensions for men, and for a good reason! These are made to perfection with naturally straight hair and are pre-looped, making them easier to install.

Each pack comes with ten loc strands, which is good for a spaced or a half-head installation; however if you want to opt for full coverage, buy more than one pack. The extensions not only look genuine but are super bouncy. As a result, they do not irritate the scalp with the stiffness of the faux material.

Hairro Store Soft Dreadlocks 

Key Features: 

  • Material: Faux crochet twist hair

  • Length: 12 inches 

  • Color: Available in several colors 

Dreadlocks are a beautiful symbol of the Reggae and Hip-Pop culture. To ensure they continue to symbolize beauty, Hairro has carefully picked and shuffled through some of the best faux hair available. Each pack comes with 15 strands and a braiding hairpiece to make the installation process a quick whim. 

While the dreads are manufactured with faux hair, the excellent Japanese acrylic fiber ensures that the locs are durable, soft, and free from chemical smell. There are no added products to make the dreads shine beyond natural capacity, helping them blend in with the natural hair. 

Distin’s 100% Human Hair Dreadlocks 

Key Features: 

  • Material: Human hair 

  • Length: 8 inches 

  • Color: Natural black, 1B

  • Can be dyed and bleached

Made from natural hair, Distin’s dreadlock extensions have no competition. The dreads are considered some of the best dread extensions for men as they are crafted to look mature, aged, and naturally grown. Each strand can be added to an existing dread or looped with real hair, blending perfectly with natural hair. 

Since the dreads are made of natural human hair, they are small and dainty, with a pencil width of around 0.4 cm. Luckily, the dreads can be bleached and dyed to the color of your choice, giving you the space to be super creative with your hairstyle. 

Worried about washing your dreads? Not anymore! You can use any temperature on these dreads, from ice cold to burning hot, without compromising the quality of the dreads. 

KAMA Human Hair Dreadlocks Extension

Key Features: 

  • Material: Human hair 

  • Length: 8 inches 

  • Color: Natural black, 1B

  • Can be dyed and bleached

The KAMA Human Hair dreads are one of the best dread extensions for men because they are the closest to resembling a natural add-on. Made from 100% human hair, the extensions have curly ends with an afro kinky and wavy texture. That ensures that whether you’re adding the locs extensions to existing locs or installing them on natural hair, the dreads will look like you spent a lot of time in their upkeep.

Each pack comes with 20 strands, which can be easily installed at any professional salon. Once you have had them on a couple of days, simply clean and wash them as you would your natural hair for complete maintenance. The dreads will last you anywhere between four to six months. 

Yotchoi Dreadlocks Extensions 

Key Features: 

  • Material: Kinky human hair

  • Length: 8 inches 

  • Color: Natural black, 1B

  • Can be dyed and bleached

Are you looking to blend in with the rest of your dread gang that keeps up their hair? You need to invest in Yotchoi Dreadlocks Extensions. These are made using tight afro kinky human hair, which makes the dreads look as natural as possible. 

Although the dreads come in natural black color, which is quite close to jet black, they can be easily bleached and dyed without damaging the extensions as they are made of human hair. The extension pack comes in a bundle of four, each containing 20 strands. The bundle includes twists and braid-style dreads so you can choose your hairstyle without restrictions! 

Buying Guide: Investing in the Right Dread Extensions for Men 

Whether this is the first time you’re purchasing dread extensions or are looking to upgrade and invest in the best dread extensions for men, navigating between tens of different types of hair extensions can be a tricky task. With the market for dreads growing by the day, it is normal to get confused when picking one good pack of extensions. After all, hair is something that either makes or breaks your look.

Don’t worry; this does not mean you will have to grab a couple of different packs and test each out to find your favorite brand of dread extensions! That is what we are here for. We will help you stay up to date with all the necessary information about distinguishable features you need to make the right choice for yourself. 

That will surely help you narrow your choices in choosing the best dread extensions tailored precisely to your needs. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to review the features and add-ons you need to consider before spending a hefty amount on hair extensions. 

The following are some essential factors to consider when buying a dread extension:

Types of Hair Material and Texture 

There are tens of different types of hair materials and textures available for dread extensions. Some of which, especially faux human hair and natural human hair, have gained immense popularity over the years. Natural human hair is often more expensive than synthetic fake hair; however, it gives the most value for money due to its longevity and durability. Choosing between the two comes down to your budget and purpose of investment. 

Human hair, Remy, and Virgin hair all come from real people, which simply means this material is actually human hair. While this might ick some people out, it is worth noting that after the hair has been cut off from a person, it is properly washed and processed to ensure the utmost hygiene. 

The material tagged under human hair is chemically processed so it can be curled, straightened, bleached, and colored. The same does not hold true for virgin hair. Virgin hair is all natural without any processing. As a result, using heat and color solutions on it is not the best option. Similarly, Remy hair dreads are made of hair whose cuticles go in the same direction. That is often the most natural-looking dread extension you can find in the market. For the same reason, it is a bit pricey. 

Moreover, materials tagged under faux hair have other different types, out of which three of the most popular ones are Kanekalon, High-quality Japanese Fibers, and Wool Dreadlocks. Kanekalon is made from artificial fibers. Although they are synthetic, they resemble natural human hair closely due to their good quality. High-quality Japanese Fibers are made using vegetable and biological bases. 

However, they are often processed to ensure longevity, which can result in a plastic-looking shine. Wool dreadlocks are something to stay clear of. These are the most unrealistic ones. Made of low-quality materials; these are often used in plays and drama clubs for short-term and temporary usage. 

Different Methods of Installation 

For an inexperienced hand, installing dread extensions at home can be quite the task. If you’re not comfortable with spending some spare coin at a professional salon, knowing the different methods of installation might come in handy. Every pack of dread extensions comes with additional accessories, which can determine the installation method. There are three main ways of installing dread extensions for men, including crotchet hook, bobby pins, and hair beads. 

A crotchet hook, often known as a needle, is used to fix dreadlocks in place. That is done by setting the dreadlock extensions in the natural hair by pulling the loose hair and tightening them against the locs. The crochet hook has a pointed shaft on one end, which stretches and tugs the natural hair against the dread, and a wooden handle on the other end to easily grip during the installation process. 

The crochet hook method can be easily done at home; however, we recommend a quick visit to the salon if you’re installing dreads for the first time. 

The bobby pin method is by far the easiest way of installing dreadlocks. The pins grip the hair tightly and hold the locs in place. The technique is used close to the scalp, at the bottom of the hair. The bobby pins are clipped carefully near the scalp. When using this method, you have to keep an eye on your natural hair growth near the roots, as the pins might start showing as your hair grows. 

Last but not least, hair beads are used to install locs with natural hair as well. The wooden hair beads are easily available online and at jewelry stores. Most people use hair beads as a form of dread decoration rather than installation, as they are quite visible in the dreads. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

The following are some FAQs related to dreadlock extensions for men we encounter daily:

Can men get hair extensions to cover baldness? 

Yes, they can. Dread extensions can be used to give the appearance of having fuller hair on the head. These can be attached to existing hair in areas where men are bald. However, these are not a permanent solution, and neither do they help to re-grow hair. For a long-term fix, opt for surgical procedures instead. 

How long do men’s hair extensions last? 

It largely depends on the quality and quantity of hair extensions installed. Typically, dread extensions for men last anywhere between one to three months. If properly cared for and maintained, they can last up to six months too. 

How to install dread extensions? 

There are different ways of installing dread extensions. Most people opt for using hair beads, crochet hooks, and bobby pins. Regardless of the technique you use, they’re all highly effective in giving a smooth and natural look. How you install the extensions also depends on whether you’re doing them at home or getting them done through a professional salon. 

How much do dread extensions cost for men? 

How much the cost of the dread extensions depends entirely on the quality of the extensions. The average cost of high-quality non-permanent faux hair extensions ranges between 90- 150 USD. The average price of good quality non-permanent natural human hair extensions ranges between 200- 500 USD. If you’re planning on installing permanent natural human hair extensions, expect a range between 1000- 3000 USD. 

Can dread extensions be permanent? 

No. There are no permanent options without surgical intervention. However, to opt for long-lasting extensions, it is best to rely on gluing the extensions to your scalp. These easily last up to six to eight months with proper care. 

Can I dye my dreadlock extensions? 

If you have invested in faux hair extensions, it is best not to do any interventions. Bleaching and dying fake hair can damage the fibers, causing them to look dried out and brittle. Be mindful that these are already heavily processed. However, if you have purchased natural human hair dread extensions, you can easily bleach and dye them, as you would your natural hair. Again, be mindful that you will have to care for them like natural hair after any color solutions are applied. 

Can I wash my dreadlock extensions? 

Yes. All dreadlock extensions are washable, regardless of whether they are made of faux fibers or natural human hair. In fact, washing dreads can make them last longer, as they would be well-maintained. 

The Takeaway 

Now that you have reviewed some of the best dread extensions for men and the best products for men with short hair, the decision to invest in the right hair extensions might come easy! 

If you ask us, we recommend investing in the all-rounded Aosome Dreadlock Extensions simply because they give a range of features and different length options, styles, and colors to choose from. These long-lasting dreads will help you make the most bang for your buck, all while giving you a boost of confidence as you wear your hair how YOU like. 

So, what are you waiting for? You can head over to to browse a variety of dread lock extension and grab the best one for all your styling needs!

Khadija B.