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Best Line Up Clippers for a Razor Sharp Edge

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I tested 100 products and no surprise, the Andis T Outlier are the best lineup clippers for getting a great lineup.

No matter how great your overall haircut is, if the line-ups are not well-done, the overall cut can look sloppy. The right lineup clipper can make or break a clean haircut. 

Choosing the top option for this list came down to several factors. The Andis T Outliner takes first place among lineup trimmers thanks to its precise blades, powerful motor, and beautiful design. Overall, this option offers high-quality basics and bonus features. 

It is tough to choose one specific component of this trimmer that makes it shine since all of the variables meld together to create a lovely product. This trimmer is ideal if you want an even lineup at home.

Best All-in-One

Philips Norelco Multigroomer

Best Overall

Andis T-Ouliner

Best Cordless

Bevel Outliner

While the Andis T Outlier is our favorite option, there are a few other hair edgers that could be just right for you. Whether you are looking for something that delivers adjustable blades or self sharpening blades, or just want something that can double as a beard trimmer, there are plenty of options.

Rather than choosing our favorite overall choice, you may want a set of hair clippers that caters to your hair type. In some cases, you may need an option that caters particularly well to coarse hair. You may also want a more compact option or a trimmer that is best for details. 

Keep reading to learn about the top lineup cutters you can use to achieve an elegant shave. 

Product Mini-Reviews

The Andis T Outliner is my favorite overall clipper for lineups. It covers all of the bases at a professional level. The distinctive T-blade is mainstay as hair trimmer of choice for barbershops around the country. Besides lineups, this tool also works well for outlining, dry-shaving, and fading. 

This tool is quite functional, thanks to its comfortable grip and long cord. The eight-foot-long power cord can help you shave no matter where you want to plug it in. 

If you are looking for a versatile tool, this item may be what you want. It comes with several attachments that can help you maintain the look of your beard. 

The Outliner is also a great option if you have sensitive skin. The trimmer can reduce irritation as you dry shave.

Compared to similar products, the Andis T Outliner is also on the less expensive side. As far as the corded trimmer goes, the T-Outliner reigns king.


  • The carbon steel trimmer blade has deep teeth that are ideal for zero-gapping. By zero gapping, you can easily achieve clean lines for your lineup. 

  • This model’s magnetic motors are powerful and not too loud. The motor lends a professional edge to this item. 

  • This clipper weighs .7 lbs and measures seven inches by three inches by ten inches. 

  • You can achieve 7,200 strokes per minute with this powerful machine. 

  • An elegant, easy-to-hold shell helps prolong the trimmer’s life.

  • The Outliner comes with four attachments and blade oil. Each e attachment fulfills different needs, while the blade oil keeps the machine in tip-top shape. 


  • This item is ideal for beard, head, body, and neck since it can handle sensitive skin.

  • Since The Outliner offers a balanced shave, you are unlikely to experience ingrown hairs.  

  • The clipper offers a very crisp cut for lineups. 

  • Easy for beginners. 

  • Affordable compared to similar products. 

Who It Is For

Part of what makes this model the top of the pack is that it lends itself nicely to professionals and amateurs alike. Professionals love the high-quality blades and powerful motor, and beginners adore the functionality and ease of use. This product is particularly ideal for those who enjoy a dry shave. 

The Bevel Outliner is a rechargeable cordless trimmer that provides a high-quality shade. This option is my favorite cordless trimmer since it has a fair amount of power and plenty of stamina, compared to other options in the cordless space. 

While I primarily use cordless trimmers on vacation, this one works well enough that I recommend it for everyday use. Whether you need to look clean for a destination wedding or a regular Tuesday, this tool provides a smooth and gentle shave. 

This Outliner offers a close shave that minimizes issues like ingrown hairs, bumps, and other skin issues. As a result, this option is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This trimmer is best for a dry shave. 


  • This trimmer is cordless, making it an ideal choice for travel or infrequent shavers.

  • A comfort grip that makes this tool easy to hold. 

  • The bevel dial on this trimmer allows you to adjust sharpness rather than relying on a screwdriver. This LED display is easy to use with the simple touch of a button. 

  • This trimmer is easy to clean.

  • The cordless trimmer is rechargeable. When fully charged, the lithium-ion battery offers eight hours of charge. 

  • This model’s snap lock modularity allows you to switch between clipper and trimmer blades quickly. 

  • You can protect your shave with pivot lock guards that connect using powerful magnets. 


  • The close shave allows you to protect sensitive skin and avoid irritations. 

  • This machine is easy to bring with you as you travel. 

Who It Is For

Since this trimmer is cordless, it is ideal for at-home use. So, professionals may want to select another item. That does not mean this item is not very high-quality. Bevel makes its goal to appeal to Black men with all of its products. 

The GTX-EXO is the ideal choice if you have long or thick hair that you want to trim. The reason behind this benefit is the model’s deeper blades. That deeper blade teeth can smoothly cut thicker and longer hair. The GTX-EXO’s rotary motor also helps this tool be ideal for several hair types.  

If you are having trouble deciding between cordless and corded trimmers, the Andis GTX-EXO may be the right choice. It is ideal for lineups, head-shaving, beard maintenance, and body hair. It has a bit more power than purely cordless charges. However, it is also fantastic for travel. 

I love this trimmer for lineups because it is great at precision work, in particular. However, it is also fantastic for any other types of care you would need from clippers.  


  • Cutting performance at 7,200 rpm.

  • This clipper holds a charge for 100 minutes.  

  • This tool is versatile for all hair types. It is useful for thick or long hair. 

  • The gold-coated carbon steel blades provide a close shave and are easy to zero-gap. 

  • The trimmer has an easy-to-hold shape that offers fantastic visibility. 

  • This tool receives power from its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can also attach a charging cable.  

  • Several accessories come with the trimmer, including attachment combs, blade guards, blade oil, and a charger stand. 

  • Powered by a rotary motor, this clipper is part of what makes this item so ideal for all types of hair. 


  • This option is powerful and fast. 

  • The trimmer allows beautiful precision as a result of great visibility. 

Who It Is For

Since this item has a rotary motor and only holds a charge for 100 minutes, it is not ideal for professional use. However, it is a fantastic choice for at-home use. Due to the tool’s rotary motor and deep blades, I highly recommend this clipper for anyone with longer or thicker hair. 

Do not let this unit’s small size fool you. It may be small, but it packs all the punch of a full-sized unit. The Wahl Edge Pro is a lovely choice for sensitive skin thanks to its super close shave and powerful rotary motor. While this piece is on the smaller side for a trimmer, it facilitates plenty of functions beyond detail work. It is useful for your head, beard, body, and neckline. 

While this tool provides precise all-around hair care, it is great at edging and lineups. The high-quality edges are the result of the .2 millimeter zero overlap blades. Its ability to be detail oriented and good on sensitive skin makes it a great choice for sensitive areas like your neck. Plus it can work well for detail work, such as in the nose, ear, and brow area. 

I also love this wahl razor edger due to its compact size. As a result of its petite shape, it is ideal for detail work. So, if you want a more intricate design in your hair, you should consider the Wahl Edge Pro Bump Free. 


  • You can achieve eight cutting lengths thanks to the eight guide combs that come with the trimmer. 

  • This unit contains high carbon precision ground blades. These stay sharp for a long time and are self-sharpening. Duch sharp blades are ideal for preventing razor bumps and other skin issues. 

  • The unit comes with a trimmer, clipper, and detailer blades. 

  • A precision trimmer head helps you target trim and detailing. 

  • You can cut the hair between 1/16th of an inch and half an inch. 


  • This trimmer provides care to all of your body, including in detail-oriented areas. 

  • The unit is gentle on sensitive skin. 

Who It Is For

The Wahl Edge Pro Bump Free is a great choice for beginners and professionals. The corded unit has plenty of stamina. So, it works well in a professional setting. If you are new to trimming overall but have an interest in practicing detail work, this makes an ideal tool for you. This unit is also good to try if you have sensitive skin. 

The Philips Norelco Multigroomer is a true all-in-one blade trimmer. The trimmer comes with 23 various pieces that are ideal for all of your shaving needs, including creating a clean lineup. Beyond providing beautiful facial hair maintenance, this unit also helps you with the hair on your head, body, and elsewhere. 

This unit is not just great for the number of options it offers. It is also high-quality. Thanks to the trimmer’s DualCut technology, you can get a close and precise trim. As a result, you can enjoy beautiful trims for years to come. 

Precise blades work together with a powerful metal motor to give you a close and comfortable shave. 

I particularly love this item due to the plethora of accessories that come with it. Thanks to the metal trimmer, detail metal trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, extra-wide hair trimmer, cleaning brush, and selection of guards, this item can truly serve any purpose you need in terms of hair removal.  


  • A full metal motor and drive train reinforced with tempered steel provide plenty of power. 

  • Reinforced cutting guards support an even trim without much buckling. 

  • This item gets five hours of charge thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 

  • Attachments include a nose and ear trimmer, detail trimmer, other trimmers, and plenty of guards. 

  • The blades are self-sharpening. 

  • A rubber handle provides comfort and control. 

  • Water-resistant blades make it easier to clean this unit. 


  • Precision is one of the biggest benefits of this all-in-one item. This trimmer has twice as many blades as other options. 

  • Rather than getting several different grooming tools, you can efficiently remove hair with this all-in-one trimmer. 

Who It Is For

Since this item requires batteries to operate, it is not ideal for professional use. However, it is perfect for creating professional-caliber results in your own home. The trimmer works well for all types of hair, and the plethora of attachments allows you to cater it perfectly to your needs. You may also choose this item if you need a travel-friendly option.  

Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a lineup clipper, there are several basic components that you will need to look for. 


The most important feature to pay attention to is your trimmer’s blades. The right blade can provide you with a comfortable and beautiful clean shave. If you get the wrong blade, your cut may not be clean, or you may be more prone to nicks. 

Sharp blades paired with a powerful motor are crucial in hair liners, as they mean you can get closer edge ups with less strokers when cutting hair. This leads to less skin irritation and less risk for bumps.

There are a few different types of blades you can get, including stainless steel and titanium. Stainless steel blades are resistant to rust, while titanium blades last a long time.  

As you research hair clippers, you will come across the term “zero-gapping.” Many clippers allow you to zero gaps in the blades of the clipper, a.k.a. align the clipper’s blade threads so that they are flush. Doing this can help you get a closer shave. However, zero-gapping can sometimes make the blades extra-sharp and prone to injury.


The hair clipper motor is a vital part of this machine. There are three different types of motors, including pivot motors, rotary motors, and magnetic motors. All of these options provide different strengths. 

A pivot motor has a lot of power but does not make the blades move very fast. Clippers with these motors do well with thick and wet hair. 

Rotary motors offer similar blade speeds and overall power. The clipper with this type of motor is ideal for almost every variety of hair, including thin, thick, curly, straight, wet, and dry. They can also provide precision trimming for all hair lengths.

A magnetic motor is usually the first choice for professionals since they have a fast blade speed. As a result, a barber can use them for giving several clients edge ups in a row. 

Corded Clipper or Cordless?

Hair clippers can either have a cord, or they may be battery-operated without a cord. Both of these options can be great. However, one may suit your needs over the other. In some cases, a clipper has a cord and a rechargeable battery. The main thing to know about these options is that the cordless clipper is perfect for those who travel. However, it can be less powerful. 

Professional barbers usually choose corded clippers since they tend to be more powerful and have more efficient blades. However, for cutting your own hair, you may enjoy the easy functionality of a cordless clipper.


Typically, your trimmer has several features, including vacuums, guards, a carrying case, special shields, and attachments, such as eyebrow, ear, and nose trimmers. There are certain high-end models that also offer lasers to guide you towards precise cuts. 

All of these options can be overwhelming. So, it is vital to assess your priorities when it comes to a trimmer. No matter which accessories you choose, it is important to prioritize quality materials and construction.

If you purchase a unit without accessories, it is a good idea to make sure that accessories exist that are compatible with your unit, in case you want to get some in the future. Certain brands of the trimmer are only compatible with that brand’s same accessories. Using non-compatible accessories can cause injury or damage to your trimmer. 

Ability to Adjust Blades

Part of what helps you get a good clean cut is adjusting your blades, so they are zero gapping. Some trimmers provide easy-to-change settings to adjust the sharpness and closeness of the blades. Other units can only be adjusted manually with tools, such as a screwdriver. 

Both options can be great. However, you must choose the option you are comfortable using. For example, avoid trimmers that require manual adjustment if you are not comfortable with tools or if you want to be able to adjust fast. 


You may think that a trimmer’s handle is mostly cosmetic. However, they can be a vital aspect of a unit’s overall functionality. You do not want a trimmer handle that will slip out of your hand and cause injury. It is also ideal to have a comfortable handle, especially if you need to hold the trimmer for a long time. 

Handles can come in several materials, including rubber, plastic, and metal. In addition to materials, other vital aspects of handles are size and overall shape. Ensure that you choose a trimmer that is not too wide for you to comfortably hold. While it is pretty typical to order these items online, try to hold one in person as a test.

Common Problems

When you shop for a hair clipper, you should be aware of the common problems with these machines. While you can prevent some of these issues with regular maintenance, there are a few red flags to look for when purchasing your clipper in the first place. 


Overheating is one of the most common complaints with hair clippers. Keep an eye out for reviews that complain of overheating since some models are prone to overheating. 

This issue can still arise with high-quality models if you do not maintain the clipper. To avoid overheating, clean the clipper vent regularly, lubricate the clipper with oil, and keep tension properly calibrated. It is also a good idea to give your clipper breaks as needed.  

Dull blades

A high-quality clipper is not of much use if you have dull blades. While any blade will become dull eventually, there are several steps you can take to prolong their lifespans. Start with high-quality blades and minimize contact with viscous hair products. Be attentive to the health of your blades, and sharpen or replace them as necessary. 

Overly Loud Clippers

While some clipper models are simply loud as a default, sudden loudness changes can indicate problems. If your clipper suddenly starts to display loud noises, you may need to correct the blade alignment, voltage screw alignment, and screw tightness. 

Power Supply Problems

If none of the above solutions make the trimming process smoother, the clipper may have problems with the power supply. Check to ensure that your power cable is not worn, and be sure that your power plug fuses are working properly. If you have a wireless clipper, you may need to replace a battery. 

Clipper Pulling Hair

Not only can pulling be painful, but it can also cause less-than-beautiful results. Luckily, correcting pulling and snagging is usually simple. To fix this problem, ensure that you are oiling the clippers enough and reducing blunt blades as described above.   


Here are the most frequent questions regarding the best clippers for a razor-sharp lineup.

What do barbers use in the lineup?

Besides a hair clipper, there are a few other tools you or a barber can use to line up your hair and beard. A hair trimmer and straight blade can also get the job done. Sometimes, a barber will use these tools together to achieve a perfect lineup. 

If you are a beginner trying to replicate salon results, there are a few steps you can take. Try using a hairline template to get the shape you want. Over time, you can transition to making the shapes you want free-hand, just like a professional barber. 

Does a lineup work best for any specific hair type?

While a lineup can be done on any hair type, it works particularly well on Black people that have coily or curly Type 3 or Type 4 hairs with shorter hairstyles. The lineup technique works well on Black hair due to the texture and color. 

Type 3 and type 4 hair are also the most delicate varieties of hair. So, the hair comes off easily, and the lines end up very neat. Always talk to your barber about which style would best fit your hair type, hair health, and overall look. 

How often should you get a lineup?

In general, men should get a haircut about every two to three weeks. The exact frequency will depend on your hair length and how quickly your hair grows. Finding the right frequency is vital since going too long without a trim can cause your hair to get a little bit wild. 

If you have a style with long hair on top and shorter hair on the back and sides, you can go in for a lineup every two weeks, but only get the long hair trimmed every month or so. Getting your hair trimmed too frequently does not give your hair a chance to grow. Waiting a bit in between cuts gives your hair a chance to soften. 

Can lineups cause baldness?

There is a somewhat persistent rumor that haircut techniques such as lineups can lead to eventual baldness. However, there is no evidence to show any specific haircuts or haircutting techniques, including lineups, that cause balding. 

Lineups and other cuts that create bold lines can minimize the appearance of balding. Some shaved haircuts can emphasize the look of baldness. 

Rather than being the result of haircuts, balding can be the result of genetics, diet, and health conditions.  


The ideal lineup of clippers should provide you with a clean and even shave. They should provide you with control to achieve the look you want. The Andis T Outliner are the best clippers for a sharp line up, and covers all the bases, allowing beginners and professionals alike to achieve a high-quality lineup.  

You need several components for the best lineup clippers. The blades should be durable, and high quality, and the motor should be reliable and powerful. It should also offer any accessories so that you can get the best shave for you. 

If you are ready to achieve the best trim of your life, buy your favorite option from the Amazon links above. 

Khadija B.