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Best Soap For Black Men: Top 6 Reviews and Buying Guide

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We tested seven products and found the Shea Moisture Body Wash Bar Soap to be the best soap for black men. 

Soap rids the body of dirt and germs, prevents infection, and drastically reduces the mortality rate.

Black men require a soap that maintains melanin production, nourishes the skin, and provides exfoliation. Using a suitable body bar to eliminate skin problems while enhancing a black skin tone is vital.

Best Soap for Black Men

Shea Moisture Body Wash Bar

Best for Detox

Seaweed Bath Co. Exfoliating

Best Body Wash for Black Men

Brickell Men’s Mint Body Wash

The Shea Moisture Body Wash Bar Soap is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients to keep skin soft and restore vitality. 

Moreover, it’s an African black soap that moisturizes the body and is suitable for use in a shower or bath. Still, the six other soaps on this list are the best in their class, with unique ingredients and properties that set them apart from the competition.  

When choosing the best soap for black men, there are various aspects to consider. For example, are you looking for an exfoliating soap, refreshing body washes, or soap that suits any budget? 

Keep reading to learn more about my top picks of the best soap for black men.

Best Soaps for Black Men Reviewed

Shea Moisture Body Wash Bar Soap is crafted from organic ingredients. It doesn’t suffer additives like phthalates, sulfates, parabens, and mineral oils – all common ingredients with other brands. 

It’s a beauty bar soap with 100% virgin coconut oil, making the skin glow after a bath. The African black soap also features coconut milk, organic shea butter, and Acacia Senegal – active ingredients for clear and soft skin. 

The natural ingredients are a godsend for sensitive skin. After taking a shower with this moisturizing soap, you can get away with not having to use a moisturizing lotion. 

The body wash also acts as an exfoliator to remove dead skin and washes off the excess grease on oily skin. You only need a minimal application to enjoy the rich lather of this luxurious soap, and you can apply it on a loofah or washcloth to clean the entire body. 

Black men with dry skin will enjoy this soap because it has rough particles that do not dry out sensitive skin or cause inflammation. It isn’t like other soaps that claim to work miracles for dry skin. This African black soap talks the talk and walks it too!

Interestingly, the particles in the soap don’t leave any residue, and the scent is fantastic without overpowering the nostrils. It isn’t only great for shower use; the soap is also handy in the sink and an excellent moisturizer. 

More importantly, the all-natural ingredients make it ideal for all black skin types, and it doesn’t cause any allergies, including breakouts and hives. There are a few drawbacks to the Shea Moisture Bar Soap. 

Firstly, the exfoliating ingredient isn’t for everyone, and many black men might find it rough for the skin. It’s expensive even for a six-bar pack and not readily available in most grocery stores.

Still, it’s the best body soap for black men and well worth the price.


  • 100% virgin coconut oil extract
  • Fantastic to moisturize skin and use as a facial cleanser
  • Excellent for dry and irritable skin
  • No phthalates, sulfates, or parabens
  • Light, flavorful scenet
  • Long-lasting bar soap


  • Exfoliating agent is harsh for some men
  • A bit pricey

It doesn’t get any better than Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar for luxurious soap for black men. The soap is rich in high-quality ingredients, including natural vitamins and proteins that strengthen the pores and eliminate impurities in the skin. 

It features unique therapeutic elements from Deep Sea mud – an active ingredient rich in minerals that are beneficial for exfoliating, detoxifying, and hydrating black skin. 

The Dead Sea mud soap also boasts game-changing botanicals and antioxidants to eliminate dermatological issues, making it an excellent option if you’re looking for the best face soap for black men. Moreover, the soap bar has a high concentration of potent skincare actives. 

This cleansing bar uses nano-encapsulation technology to ensure the active ingredients work effectively. It also uses active charcoal and works amazingly well as a facial cleanser, keeping your skin healthy.

This soap is unscented, leaving you smelling clean. The gray foamy lather is creamy and easy to wash off the body. The best way to use this soap is to apply it to the body and let it sit for some minutes before washing off. 

The charcoal ingredient draws out oils for black men with oily skin types and makes your face look fresh, radiant, and smooth. It’s an exfoliating soap that enhances skin quality, eliminates dead skin cells, and acts as a catalyst for skin regeneration. 

Black men with rashes and blackheads will enjoy this cleansing bar that rids impurities without stripping the skin’s natural oils. The best part of this body bar is its longevity. A single cleansing bar can last 12 weeks and, with careful use, can last even longer. 

This decadent cleansing bar almost feels like being at the spa for mud treatment. It offers a luxurious experience without the trouble or time required to apply the mud, allowing it to dry and rinse off your skin. 

The soap bar doesn’t irritate, clash with your cologne, and exfoliates the skin better than a washcloth. Be sure to breathe out of your nose while using this cleansing bar because it may cause heavy sneezing and tingling nostrils if it gets into your nose.

The price might be too much for many, especially for a single soap bar. Still, it lasts for a long time which is fantastic value for such a premium soap bar.

We recommend using this African black soap sparingly and for the face while buying another brand as a daily soap. It’s also excellent for travel since it’s a soap bar and not in liquid form.


  • Luxurious soap from a premium brand
  • Excellent exfoliator
  • Unscented soap doesn’t clash with cologne
  • Helps acne-prone skin
  • Great for oily skin


  • Soap size has shrunk in recent years

Few soaps lather like Dr. Squatch Deep Sea Goat’s Milk. This soap takes it back to the basics, using old-fashioned traditional methods and only the most premium ingredients to make this soap. 

We searched hard but couldn’t find harmful chemicals in the ingredient list. It’s crafted without sulfates and parabens that are brutal for the black man’s hair and skin. 

The manly scent gives it away as a soap tailored to men, but the natural ingredients make your skin feel smooth as a baby’s. This soap is the last bus stop for sensitive-skinned black men trying different products with no results in getting healthy skin. 

Some soaps make you look like a dehydrated agama lizard, but Dr. Squatch doesn’t cause allergies and will leave your skin moisturized. It also removes excess oils on the skin surface and pores, ensuring you don’t feel like a potato chip in a greasy bag. 

However, it infuses oatmeal and goat’s milk to prevent flaking and dry bumps.

It’s particularly worth buying for people with skin issues like eczema and body acne breakouts. It also doesn’t give you that “dry feeling” after stepping out of the shower.

It’s helpful to know this soap isn’t 5oz, as claimed by the manufacturer. The actual weight is 4.2oz which is significantly smaller than advertised. However, you cannot deny this soap’s qualities. You can rest assured it lasts forever when used with a soap saver.


  • Crafted from natural ingredients
  • No sulfates, phthalates, or synthetic ingredients
  • Long lasting soap bar
  • Moisturizes skin and enhances glow
  • Great for skin conditions like eczema


  • Has an ivory smell
  • Smaller than advertised at 4.2oz (vs. 5 oz marketing)

Coffee & Coconut Body Scrub by OGX will keep you refreshed and ready to go, thanks to a blend of coconut oil and arabica coffee. These active ingredients help to moisturize black skin and boost hydration to make you feel younger and get your skin healthy. 

It’s no small achievement to attain soft baby, smooth skin in the harsh winter. Black men need a top-notch moisturizer, and an excellent body wash. 

OGX Coconut & Coffee Body Wash will unclog pores, clean your skin, and provide an extra layer of moisture, making you look fresh all year round. 

This body wash is pound-for-pound better than most of the competition and is the brand to rely on if you’re looking for a product that hydrates skin. 

The delicious tropical scent takes you to the lazy Seychelle Islands, and the liquid has an even consistency that gives your black skin a unique lustrous shine. 

The coconut oil ingredient helps to retain moisture and helps cut down dry skin issues like flaking and scaling. 

The arabica coffee is an exfoliating component to buff dead skin cells to reveal a more youthful look. It isn’t sandpaper-rough like other soaps and is gentle on the most sensitive body parts. 

The highlight of this body wash is the ability to use it in locations with abrasive water. Hard water doesn’t take to foam, but this product lathers beautifully and washes off grime without destroying the skin’s natural barrier.

Interestingly, this is one of the cheaper exfoliating soaps on the market and will barely make a dent in your pocket. The 19.5oz bottle is large enough to last for months, providing long-term benefits for your skin and bank account. 

Moreover, it’s a cruelty-free, exotic-smelling soap with a scent that lingers for days and enhances your cologne.

However, this body wash doesn’t perform wonders as a facial scrub; the manufacturer only recommends it for the body. 

It’s also worth pointing out that this bar soap is a body wash and not a body scrub, as it has no natural exfoliating ingredients like sugar or sea salt. 

Nonetheless, the light coffee and coconut scent is fantastic for black men, and the affordable price makes it a must-have in your grooming cabinet.


  • Unique coffee and coconut scent
  • Thick, luxurious lather
  • Great if you live somewhere with hard water
  • Large bottle is great value for the money – long lasting and great priced


  • Not impressive as exfoliator
  • Not useful as a face scrub or soap
  • Scent can be a turnoff for some

It’d be foolhardy to underestimate the function of exfoliation for skin care therapy. This process rids the body of aged skin cells and eliminates acne, wrinkles, and lines. Marlowe No.102 Men’s Body Scrub Soap is the top brand when it comes to exfoliating therapy. 

This high-quality soap is manufactured in the USA. It’s a deep cleanser, incorporating pumice to remove the scaly and flaky skin, revealing the youthful goodness within. 

It’s a body bar for the manly man, thanks to the lingering scent of agarwood and pine. Underneath these luxurious scents are a blend of oud wood, cardamom, vanilla, and smoked birch.

Shea butter is one active ingredient in this soap that has many antibacterial benefits and moisturizing qualities. This ingredient is essential for black skin and penetrates the skin to moisturize your body. 

Apricot seed powder further enhances its exfoliating abilities because the fine granules help eliminate unhealthy skin cells and reveal glowingly soft skin. Apricot seed also contains essential mineral oils and vitamins, including vitamin B17, which helps with hair loss. 

You’ll love the intense scratchy feel of this soap as it removes the grease, grime, oils, and expired skin that has made a home on your body. The lather is heavenly, and even with a mix of scents, it doesn’t have an overpowering odor. 

The sandpaper feel of this soap is a pleasurable discomfort that keeps you squeaky clean and moisturized.

Moreover, the exfoliating granules are easy to wash off despite the hard abrasiveness. It’s an excellent soap for sensitive-skin black men and doesn’t easily break down. 

It looks brand new after a week of use which is a testament to the longevity of this body bar. However, be wary that this soap will hurt at first, especially for newbies trying an exfoliating soap for the first time. 

However, after a few showers, your body will get used to its rough and gritty texture, and nothing else will make you feel so clean.


  • Contains critical ingredients for skin care
  • Manly scent
  • Makes an excellent gift
  • Long lasting bar soap


  • Exfoliating agent can be a bit gritty
  • Pricey

The Seaweed Bath Co. Exfoliating Detox Body Soap is one of the best soap options for black men mainly because of its premium blend of high-quality ingredients. It’s a soap that harnesses the rejuvenating powers of the ocean to nourish your skin. 

The manufacturer chose bladderwrack seaweed, renowned for its fantastic hair and skin benefits. There are over 65 vitamins and minerals in seaweed, and it’s also rich in Fucoidan, a terrific inflammatory agent. 

People have used bladderwrack seaweed for centuries to moisturize, detoxify, and nourish the skin. The bladderwrack seaweed in this soap is hand-picked off the Maine coast and infused into this cleansing bar to give it its most unique properties. 

Also features other active ingredients famous for their therapeutic properties, such as shea butter. Shea butter is an exceptional moisturizer with potent antifungal properties that help combat skin problems like eczema.

Moreover, it’s an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces itchiness and red skin. Shea butter also has high vitamin E and A concentrations, enhancing antioxidant activity. 

The kukui oil is excellent for treating scalp infections while promoting vitality for damaged skin. It isn’t a surprise this soap bar is cruelty-free and vegan, designed for all dark skin types, including irritable skin. 

This detox body soap also has an exciting scent of cinnamon. This component improves cell regeneration and enhances skin elasticity. 

Arabica coffee is a gentle exfoliate that buffs patches on the body to improve overall black skin texture. Activated charcoal is a standard solution for food poisoning. This ingredient draws out the dirt deep within the skin, including other impurities and toxins. 

The only negative to this soap is the price. Admittedly, it’s an expensive investment for a soap bar. Still, you can’t fault the efficacy of this seaweed body cleanser.


  • Excellent for face and body
  • Fantastic for supersentive skin – no salicyclic acid
  • Brightens skin tones
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • Smell isn’t remarkable
  • Some users find the soap goes quickly

Black men looking for a deep cleansing soap without dryness or irritation will find the Brickell Men’s Invigorating Body Wash irresistible. This organic body wash removes stubborn dirt, grime, oils, and bacteria while retaining essential moisture for healthy skin. 

You’ll love the mild minty smell that leaves your skin feeling refreshed after a long sweaty day. It also contains aloe vera, a critical ingredient to restore moisture, while offering essential vitamins to your hair and skin. 

Jojoba oil is another active ingredient, and it helps the skin’s natural barrier after cleansing all the surface germs. Besides, you only require a few drops to lather your loofah, ensuring the entire bottle goes a long way. 

Most soaps that clean thoroughly invariably leave you with dry skin. However, this body wash cleans without remorse and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and healthy. The scent is way better than many other bathing soaps for black men and is excellent for oily skin. 

The body wash is free of sulfates, phthalates, and parabens and doesn’t provoke allergic reactions.

Additionally, the 16fl oz bottle is large enough to serve for a few months, ensuring a fantastic shower experience. 

Interestingly, this product also contains tea tree oil, which helps to soothe skin irritation and inflammation. Tea tree oil is a potent alternative to salicylic acid in combating acne; black men can say good riddance to blackheads and rashes. 

Brickell also goes further to prescribe how to use this body wash and recommends washing twice a day for optimum use.

The only drawback is the scent which has little staying power. Still, it’s a soap and not a cologne, which doesn’t detract from what’s a premium product.

Brickell makes fantastic men’s care products, and this body wash for black men smells great, cleans well, and is refreshing.


  • Great for black men with sensitive skin
  • Organic body wash with premium ingredients
  • Fantastic scent
  • Does not dry out the skin


  • You end up using a lot of product to get a lather
  • Smell only lasts a short while

Buying Guide

Everyone’s skin is different, and it’s no surprise that black men require various soaps for their grooming needs. 

Some soaps excel for irritated skin, while others contain essential oils that keep the skin hydrated. Consider the following features before opting for the best soap for black men.

Skin Type

Black men come in all shapes and sizes, including various skin types. Some have acne-prone skin, while others produce excess oil. 

Hyperpigmentation isn’t uncommon amongst black people, and black men are more susceptible to razor bumps, blackheads, and dark spots. 

Still, other guys have flaky skin, while some suffer from skin disorders. Therefore you should go for a body bar that enhances skin health.

Multipurpose soaps work for black men with skin issues and others with balanced skin. If you have oily skin, select a soap that removes the excess oils without damaging skin tone. 

If your skin reacts to black soap, that’s a signal you need to purchase another product. In the same vein, black men with dry skin require soaps infused with moisturizers to keep the skin healthy, soft, and nourished. 

Men with patchy skin need exfoliating soaps to buff dead skin. You can opt for an authentic African soap with natural ingredients to prevent skin inflammation or irritability.


Some soaps may be beneficial for others but highly dangerous to your skin. Steer clear from soaps with additives and toxic compounds. 

These soaps with synthetic ingredients cause more harm than good and can damage your facial skin. Always look at the ingredient list before you buy a cleansing bar. Avoid soaps without an ingredient list for your safety. 

The best soap options for black men will display the soap recipe to the world because they have nothing to hide. 

Some manufacturers use misrepresentation and false advertising, playing with words like “natural soap” and “organic soap” to lure you into buying a product that can cause skin issues.

Sometimes, the skin reacts to a good soap bar, even though it works well for someone else. You can test out an African black soap on a patch of skin and see if your body has an allergic reaction before using it all over the body. 

Avoid ingredients like parabens, alcohols, phthalates, and sulfates to ensure your safety. Some of these ingredients increase the likelihood of cancer, while others cause drying and acne breakouts.

Desist from applying soaps that contain mineral oils like petrolatum. These refined synthetic oils will clog your pores and cause itchy and irritated skin. 


The ingredients often determine the soap price. The best soaps are natural soap with components like shea butter, jojoba oil, argan, oil, and seaweed extract. The downside is these will usually will cost more than a bar of soap without these ingredients. 

Popular brands will often leverage the brand to sell soaps marketed as soaps for black skin type that aren’t worth a fraction of their cost. The key is to balance cost and quality and ensure the returns policy reviews are excellent. If unsatisfied with the soap, you can always return it and get your money back.


Block bars like Marlowe No.102 and Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap have no issues with the packaging. However, liquid soaps like Brickell and OGX often spill their contents during delivery, reducing the soap quantity and efficacy. 


Some soaps are designed for facial skin, while others target skin disorders. Unless you suffer from sensitive skin or body breakouts, it would be helpful to have a multipurpose soap for everyday use.

There are also more specialized soaps like a shaving soap.

Soap Size

Current exfoliating soaps often ship in large sizes to compensate for the abrasive agents that scour the skin. These soaps only look more prominent because of the granules within them. 

Many premium brands offer natural soap that lasts for months and is less expensive than a pack of regular soaps. Try using a soap saver or cutting your soap bar in half to extend its life.


A soap that suds with little effort cleans the body better. Moreover, it ensures you only require minute amounts to wash your body of dirt and oils. 

Conversely, a soap that doesn’t lather well will find it difficult to remove dirt and bacteria from the body.


Some, especially those with sensitive skin, prefer scentless or unscented soap. It’s a question of preference, and many brands make the same soap type with various fragrance options.

Go for a soap that uses essential oils for its fragrance. Synthetic-based fragrances are toxic and may cause severe problems for black men with breathing issues. A bar of soap that smells delicious is excellent but shouldn’t be to your health’s detriment.


See the answers to commonly asked questions if you’re still unsure how to choose the best bar soap for black men.

Which soap is suitable for black men?

An excellent soap for black men nourishes the skin, provides hydration, and contains natural oils. Look for soap that contains moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter.

Which soap is best for male skin?

The best authentic African black soap for male skin will not irritate or cause itchiness. These soaps often contain ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, honey, and other organic oils. More importantly, the best African black soap for male skin doesn’t need synthetic components to provide rich and luxurious lather.

Which soap gives the best skin glow?

Soaps infused with natural oils will amplify your skin quality, giving you a healthy glow. Oils like almond, coconut, and olive oil are organic and will never cause harm. Moreover, these oils are great for sensitive skin and provide psoriasis relief. 

Other soaps have ingredients like salicylic acid to fight acne breakouts, or vitamin E for hydrating skin without using more harsh chemicals.

Conclusion: Best Soap for Black Men

Black men are impervious to sunburn and resistant to most skin cancers. They are also resistant to photoaging that’s caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

The high melanin content shields against UV radiation and protects against many skin diseases. However, black men still require a body bar that maintains all the properties inherent in their skin. 

The best soap for black men is Shea Moisture Body Wash Bar Soap. It is a premium cleansing bar that sets the benchmark for what a black man requires in a daily body wash.

It’s organic, features a blend of high-quality natural ingredients, is devoid of sulfates and harmful additives, and sits at a price range that’s easily affordable. 

Still, all the soaps on this list are fantastic choices, and you wouldn’t feel hard done by opting for any of the above best soap options. 

Travis J.