The Top Black-Owned Beauty Brands

The Top Black-Owned Beauty Brands


Khadija B.
October 31, 2021

The world of skincare has always suffered from issues of diversity and inclusivity, but in recent years, a breakthrough of black-owned beauty brands has started to change that.

As the industry changes and so too does the consumer’s needs, seeing these brands emerge and become household names has been a wonderful thing.

What are some of the best black-owned beauty brands?

Black-owned beauty brands are finally getting the recognition they deserve with names like Black Opal, Mented Cosmetics, Fenty, Pat McGrath Labs, Topicals, and Dehiya Beauty being some of the most popular ones today.

These brands create diverse skincare and cosmetics that cater to everyone, with a special focus on women of color.

If you want to show your support for black-owned businesses, want beauty supplies that cater to your skin’s unique needs, or just need to know what’s hot right now in skincare, we can help.

Our list counts down some of the best black-owned beauty brands and what they’re doing to stay at the top.

The Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands Worth Checking Out

With black-owned beauty brands emerging and innovating daily, there’s always someone new to check out in the world of skincare and cosmetics.

These are just some of the names making waves and what they do that sets them apart from the pack.

#1 Mented Cosmetics

#1 Mented Cosmetics

The Mented Cosmetics brand is all about ensuring black women have high-quality and inclusive makeup, and they deliver on every front.

The brand was established in 2017 by two friends who were looking for black-friendly cosmetics and finding nothing, and it has already become a staple in the world of cosmetics, and not just for a black-owned beauty business.

Among Mented’s most favored items is the nude lipstick that caters to all skin tones and matches them to perfection, showing just how many colors were missing from this important beauty accessory in the past.

The name Mented comes from pigmented, and that’s how they aim to create all of their products, from lip pencils to mascara, for you to enjoy to the fullest.

#2 Dehiya Beauty

#2 Dehiya Beauty

If your jam is to find the most refreshing and soothing skincare treatments that actually work on darker skin, Dehiya Beauty is here to help.

The Dehiya brand was started by Dr. Mia Chae Reddy using the knowledge she gained from African herbalists and traditions and is one of the leading natural, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly cosmetics brands on the market today.

The Dehiya Beauty Range covers it all including serums, moisturizers, balms, masks, and cleansers, so you can get your complete skincare regime from the one place.

By making use of unique ingredients that you won’t find elsewhere, you’ll get the most impressive results, so be prepared to find out what marula seed oil and babassu oil can do for you.

#3 Topicals

Topicals 1 1

Topicals is a colorfully retro-designed black beauty brand that gets deep into the skin to solve problems.

Among their range, you’ll find products like serums, masks, and brightening mists, that will transform your skin almost instantly, and tackle many of the issues that black women face when looking for cosmetics and skincare products.

The range at Topicals isn’t too large and they focus on doing just a handful of products and doing them well.

You can head to their website and take a skin quiz to shop for whatever you’re in need of right now, otherwise, check out their best-selling mists with Faded and Like Butter to see what put this black-owned beauty brand on the map.

#4 Fenty

#4 Fenty

A brand that needs no introduction but deserved a place on our list regardless, Rihanna’s own Fenty.

Fenty Beauty has been one of the most successful beauty brands of all time, even though it only launched in 2017, and what’s made it such a hit is having stunning makeup that can be worn by everyone, with products and shades to suit just about any look or skin tone.

Fenty Beauty has a massive lineup of best sellers, but their standout is the Fenty Effect foundation that comes in over 40 different shades.

When you compare that to what most of the leading makeup brands are doing today, it blows them out of the water and is just the beginning for Rihanna and the game-changing Fenty Beauty.

#5 B. Simone Beauty

#5 B. Simone Beauty

B. Simone Beauty is a brand that’s accessible to all women and affordable enough for everyone to own, proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to feel fabulous.

Launched by B.Simone herself, the brand is primarily focused on all things lip, but they have other products worth checking out as well.

The entrepreneur and renowned entertainer started her own beauty line in 2019 and has already made serious waves, thanks to her vegan and cruelty-free products that perform just as well as brands that cost twice as much.

Customers rave about the B.Simone’s Lip Mattes the most because they have true staying power, just like the woman behind the brand.

#6 Gilded

#6 Gilded

When your creator is a physician’s assistant in dermatology, you’re bound to get it right when it comes to skincare.

Blair Armstrong is the founder of Gilded, a brand that’s dedicated to gentle, effective, and luxurious products for everyone, and she personally provides dermatological care to women who can’t afford it.

The range of products from Gilded include body polishes, buffing brushes, and hydrating balms, focusing on many of the issues that black women face when taking care of their skin.

Beauty products aside, one of their fan favorites is the marble candle that can be refilled and reused as many times as you like, so it’s easy enough to transport yourself into an expensive spa without ever leaving your home.

#7 Black Opal

#7 Black Opal

If you’re after pure opulence when choosing a skincare and cosmetics brand, Black Opal can deliver the goods.

The brand is all about providing amazing products for women of color and catering to their unique needs, in a market that had shut them out for such a long time.

Black Opal has two distinct categories with their makeup range and skincare solutions, both of which have earned countless awards and accolades.

The brand was founded in 1994, making it one of the longest-running beauty brands of today, and they’re dedicated to inclusivity and diversity for women of color.

They go above and beyond with shade finders, beauty consultant chats, and virtual try-on, so you can find your exact shade, no matter the color of your skin.

#8 Uoma Beauty

#8 Uoma Beauty

Uoma Beauty believes that beauty comes in every color, and the goal of this brand is to cater to them all.

Their Say What Foundation has won countless awards and features shades and colors not previously seen by other makeup brands, adding to their inclusivity.

The Uoma Beauty company was founded by Nigerian-born Sharon Chuter, who is committed to providing textures, formulas, shades, and colors that are perfect for women of all skin tones.

Their makeup is refreshing and bold, and their skincare products get deep underneath to make a true difference, so it seems they know how to do it all.

#9 Pat McGrath Labs

#9 Pat McGrath Labs

The legendary Pat McGrath is one of the world’s most renowned makeup artists and her brand, Pat McGrath Labs is no short of perfection.

This is the type of cosmetics brand that looks like only a supermodel could own, but it’s affordable enough for everyday women to enjoy.

Better still, this luxurious brand has been specifically designed to cater to all skin tones and types, so nobody is left behind.

Lipsticks and glosses are where Pat McGrath shines, and some of her best sellers include the stunning MatteTrance Lipstick range or the Lust: Gloss collection.

Considered the Mother of Makeup, there’s nothing that PatMcGrath can’t do, and you’ll feel like a million bucks as soon as you paint on any of their products.

#10 Coloured Raine Cosmetics

#10 Coloured Raine Cosmetics

If you like nothing more than putting on a dramatic bold eyeshadow or covering your eyelids with shimmery glitter, Coloured Raine Cosmetics is here to help.

The only difference is, this brand develops cosmetics that actually show up on darker skin and are suited to a wider range of users and their skin tones and types.

Coloured Raine Cosmetic’s best seller is their Queen of Hearts Eye Shadow Palette, with both matte and shimmery colors inside.

Otherwise, you can easily get lost drooling over their many vividly colored palettes, as well as lipsticks, glosses, bronzers, glow lighters, and foundations to bring out the best in any skin tone.

#11 Pholk Beauty

#11 Pholk Beauty

A brand that’s centered on African-derived beauty wisdom, Pholk is all about natural and effective skincare solutions.

Founder Niambi Cacchioli came up with the idea while traveling Africa and learning about traditional methods for beauty and self-care, as well as her own personal experience on how the skincare market was desperately missing products designed for black women.

Pholk Beauty has a massive selection of skincare solutions, and all of them are vegan friendly and with no synthetics.

In the Pholk range, you’ll find hemp oil, tea-tox face masks, and toners, all designed to treat issues like dryness and hyperpigmentation, which can be common issues for women of color.

#12 Luv Scrub

#12 Luv Scrub

There’s nothing like the power of exfoliation to do a body well, and if you want the best body cloth to help you do it right, look no further than Luv Scrub.

Founded by Caroline Owusu-Ansah, who used the traditions passed down through her Ghanaian roots, this brand creates washcloths that can reveal your most luscious skin.

The Luv Scrub is a long washcloth that can be used when you bathe, just as you would a regular one, but it’s created with soft mesh that aids in exfoliation.

Better still, they’re long, flexible, and built to last for many months of regular use, giving you smooth skin, stopping ingrown hairs, and getting you a deeper clean.

#13 The Lip Bar

#13 The Lip Bar

If you’re looking for some of the most dramatic and diverse lip colors on the market today, The Lip Bar can help you out.

Created by Melissa Butler in her very own home, the brand today sells cruelty-free and vegan lip products that cater to all types of people, skin tones, and styles.

Among some of their best sellers is Bawse Lady, the number one bestseller for red lipstick and a shade that looks good on just about anyone.

The Lip Bar has extended their range and now create everything from concealers to brushes, and the rest, all with the inclusivity and vividness that the brand was made famous for.

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Khadija B.