How To Use Beard Growth Kit

How To Use A Beard Growth Kit


Khadija B.
July 25, 2022

The relationship between a man and his beard is intense. Facial hair, especially an impressive beard, takes a long time to grow it. You spend a lot of time grooming and shaping it. You want it to look as full and healthy as you can. And some men need a boost to get their beard to grow more rich and full. A beard growth kit can help you keep a professionally styled look while helping to stimulate facial hair growth.

In the past, men had to resign themselves to just washing their beard with regular shampoo and maybe using a little conditioner to give it some body. There wasn’t a ton of help for men who wanted to kick start new hair growth. But we are in the age of the internet now. Dozens of companies have released beard growth products like beard balm, various beard kits, and even a derma roller to kick start your grooming routine.

Below, we’ll discuss how to use a beard growth kit to get a thicker beard. We will tell you where to get one, how they work, and other advice for growing your beard. So, let’s get started!

Copenhagen Beard Growth Kit
Copenhagen Grooming Beard Growth Kit

What Is a Beard Growth Kit?

A beard growth kit is a collection of shampoos, lotions, beard oil and grooming tools they put together to help keep your beard looking like you just stepped out of a salon. They also aid in stimulating your face to produce a richer beard and get it to grow more quickly. There are plenty of options to pick from, even if you have a particular needs, say sensitive skin, acne scars, or want natural ingredients.

How To Buy a Beard Growth Kit

Different companies will vary in the things that they offer in their beard growth kits. And the number of things that come in them will greatly depend on how much you are willing to spend. 

Some of them on the lower-priced end will focus on cleaning and trimming. You may get a comb, soap, scissors, conditioner, or lotion. Your options will increase if you are willing to spend a little more. Many kits offer things like rollers, vitamin e growth oil, and gummies.

You should also look for kits that give you the most for your money. Things like electric clippers and wooden-handled brushes can be expensive on their own. Buying them as part of a kit could be more cost-efficient.

As with any purchase, it is important to do a little research. Check the reviews for the company that makes the beard growth kit you are looking at. Read reactions from people that have used the products. Make the most informed decision you can before making your purchase.

Mountaineer Beard Growth Kit
Mountaineer Beard Growth Kit

How To Use a Beard Growth Kit

While there are a lot of opinions on how to get the most out of your beard kit, there are a few basics that everyone can agree on. If you have specific goals in mind, there may be some areas that you pay specific attention to. Here are some items that typically come in beard growth kits and how to use them properly.

Beard Growth Shampoo

When you are starting a grooming regimen, the most important thing you will do is clean your beard. You wash your beard with shampoo for the same reason you wash your hair. It keeps the hair clean, prevents it from breaking and splitting, and helps rinse the follicles. The act of rubbing the shampoo also massages the scalp, which stimulates new growth as well. The bottom line is it is hard to have a full beard without having a clean beard.

A good beard wash will have a few ingredients you will not find in shampoo to wash your hair. There will be oils and vitamins that can aid in your beard’s growth. The shampoo also smells good, which is something that we all need as well.

Beard Rollers

A beard roller is a tool to stimulate the hair follicles in your face. It performs micro-needling, which will help to create a fuller, more dense beard.

The device has tiny needles that pierce your face’s top layer of skin. That creates a flood of collagen because your brain thinks your face is injured. This collagen, along with an increase in blood flow to your face, will accelerate the growth of your beard.

To use a beard roller, roll it across your face. Several times in all directions will be enough. Do not press too hard as you do not want to injure your face. It should not cause any pain, so if you feel discomfort, you should stop. Also, never use a beard roller on areas of your skin that are irritated or have acne

Beard Growth Oil

Beard growth oil is a blend of oils that can help create healthy skin, strengthen the roots of your beard hair, and keep the hair healthy and free of split ends. Most beard growth oils contain castor and coconut oils.

Growth oil is an excellent addition to your grooming ritual as it will help ease the itching caused by the beard roller. It will help to dissolve dead skin cells and give your beard a healthy sheen.

Beard Growth Vitamin Spray

If you do your grooming in the morning, beard growth vitamin spray will help keep your beard looking healthy all day. Keep it with you and apply it occasionally to help your beard stay hydrated.

Vitamin spray is a blend of oils like biotin, peppermint, and lavender. It is also infused with Vitamin D, which will nourish your beard. If you have dry skin, you probably also have a dry beard. Spraying your beard several times throughout the day will help it look healthy.

Beard Serum

A few beard growth kit creators will offer a serum that promises to aid in the promotion of new growth. It usually contains a small amount of caffeine. That can activate a hormone in your body called ATP. This hormone is known to create hair growth. 

Beard Growth Gummies

There was a time when most people were skeptical of supplements. They were usually only used by bodybuilders. The truth is, supplements can work, and the beard growth gummies sold by many manufacturers have a lot of good things in them that may help in the growth of your beard.

Vitamins A, E, and B5, as well as biotin, are just a few things in the gummies that can help you. Even if they do not help your beard grow, they are still good for you.

If you are already taking a multivitamin, research it before you start taking something else. Be sure you are not consuming too much of any of the ingredients. You may be able to replace what you are taking with one designed for beard growth as long as it has enough of the essential things you need.

Crafted Beard Growth Kit
Crafted Beard Growth Kit

What Else Can Help Beard Growth?

A beard growth kid can help boost your beard, but it is just a tool. To truly advance your beard’s growth and have the healthiest one possible, you must take care of yourself.

Quit Smoking

Besides the fact that it is not good for your overall health, and will possibly help you die much younger, smoking cigarettes is a known contributor to hair loss. Tobacco can damage the blood vessels that nourish your hair follicles. Quitting may help reverse that damage over time.

Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do. Your doctor can help you create a plan to quit. And most health insurance will pay for things to help, such as nicotine patches or gum.

Cut Back on Alcohol

You are not doing your beard any favors if you drink a lot. Alcohol is not going to make your hair fall out as smoking will. But excessive drinking can reduce your testosterone levels, harming your beard growth.

Hit the Gym

Exercise is important for your overall health. A regular intense exercise regimen can boost your testosterone level, which may aid in your beard’s growth and cause it to fill in faster.

Get Adequate Sleep

Another habit that could negatively affect your body’s testosterone levels is the amount of sleep you get. If you do not get enough rest regularly, your body may not produce enough testosterone, which could cause a slow down in your follicles’ production.

Eat Well

Your diet is a big piece of the puzzle. Taking vitamins is a great way to make your beard healthier, but it can not replace the vitamins that you get naturally in the food you eat. 

Eat plenty of foods rich in Vitamin D, such as fish, eggs, and milk.


Now you know all about how to use a beard growth kit! Beard growth kits will work if you use them properly and regularly. Washing your beard daily will help keep the hair healthy and the follicles clean. A beard roller will stimulate your skin to activate new growth. And using beard oils, vitamin sprays, and serums will keep your beard and skin healthy and looking great

A regimen of vitamins is excellent for your overall health as well as the health of your beard. Taking care of yourself by not smoking or drinking excessively and getting plenty of exercise and sleep are also essential.

The best advice is just to take care of your beard. Cleaning it regularly and exfoliating the skin on your face is the only way to maximize the growth of your beard to give it that rich, full look. Get yourself a beard growth kit today and see how quickly you notice a difference in the look of your facial hair!

Khadija B.