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7 Best Moisturizers for Black Men’s Hair

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Many products claim to be the best moisturizer for black men’s hair, but these assertions are mostly false. I was taken aback by the number of mistruths and flat-out lies in these hair products, most of which contained harmful chemicals and additives that harmed my natural hair.

After testing a wide range of products from many brands, I found TGIN Butter Cream to be the best hair moisturizer for black men. The natural oils are excellent for coarse hair, thick hair, and chemically treated hair, and are best at rejuvenating damaged hair follicles.

 Moreover, it contains Vitamin E oil and other essential oils that add luster and improve scalp hydration.

Our Best Moisturizers for Black Men's Hair

The Best Hair Moisturizers for Black Men's Hair Reviewed

As a black man with thinning hair, it’s crucial for me to use a moisturizer that enhances hair growth, stops hair loss, strengthens hair, and prevents frizzy and unruly hair.

The best hair moisturizers are listed below, made specifically for African American hair textures, and will give you thicker, healthier hair in no time.

The TGIN Butter Cream Moisturizer is manufactured by TGIN, a black woman-owned business specializing in hair care products for African American men and women. 

It’s no surprise that TGIN Butter Cream is the best overall since it’s produced by people who have first-hand experience with what a black man’s hair needs.

The moisturizer contains critical vitamins and oils that return moisture to extremely dry hair. Unlike other products, it doesn’t make hair greasy and contains Shea Butter to trap water and keep hair hydrated for an extended time without creating a damp hair effect. 

The benefits of Vitamin E in this product promote hair growth while stemming hair loss. It does this by enhancing blood flow to the scalp. This is due to ingredients like olive oil, which is a natural antioxidant that protects the keratin in your hair while trapping moisture, giving your hair a natural shine and strengthening your hair. Olive 

Another active ingredient is cocoa butter, which gives black men’s hair more bounce and robustness.

Frizz is a problem for black men, and this moisturizer combats this issue by working on the hair cuticle to bring back that natural softness and shine. It does this without leaving the hair oily, heavy, or greasy.

Men with excessive low porosity hair can try this moisturizer brand because it contains ingredients that allow the hair shaft to absorb moisture. Accordingly, the hair becomes more accessible to style and more pliable.

This product is the holy grail of moisturizers and is effective for all types of black hair. Ironically, the best way to apply TGIN Butter Cream is to let your hair dry after a shower before adding the moisturizer.

The scent is fantastic without overpowering the nose, thanks to the delightful fragrance of coconut and sweet almond oil. Besides, it’s sulfate-free and keeps soft and supple.

It’s not uncommon for black men to shed hair as they grow older, but this hair moisturizer is infused with cocoa seed butter and almond oil to strengthen brittle hair.

More importantly, it doesn’t contain sulfates, petroleum, lanolin, and other harmful additives and colors. The only drawback is that it isn’t 100% organic.

Still, it’s rich, creamy, and thick with a deliciously mild and fruity scent at an affordable price point for all black men.


  • It contains high-quality natural ingredients

  • Excellent for low porosity hair

  • Amazing fragrance

  • Reduces frizz

  • Hydrates hair for an extended period


  • Not 100% Organic

  • A bit pricey

As I Am Butter Cream is a product of As I Am, a 100% self-funded business that’s independently owned thanks to its fantastic line of hair care products, specially designed for curly, kinky hair and dry scalp. Now you see where this is going. 

Firstly, this hair moisturizer contains Pro-Vitamin B5, a fantastic ingredient that repairs split hairs. You’d be hard-pressed to find a moisturizer with a blend of natural ingredients, each with a unique function and purpose. 

Dry scalp is a playground for scaling and dandruff, and this Double Butter Cream contains Shea butter and Coconut oil which prevents dryness. 

Castor oil and Cocoa butter give it a buttery consistency that makes hair soft and manageable. The Beetroot extract eliminates dandruff, prevents scaling, and promotes scalp health. There’s a tangerine extract to stimulate collagen necessary for hair volume.  

It provides impressive results as a leave-in conditioner and keeps the hair hydrated. This is one of the best moisturizers for black men because it contains five unique, organic oils that penetrate hair follicles and give quick results. 

You won’t find many hair care products with Amla Berries; this fantastic antioxidant works wonders for dry scalp. The inflammatory ingredient in this recipe is turmeric to prevent itching and stem hair loss. 

This formula is effective for dry, coarse, and unruly hair needing only a minor application to show significant results.Those who want waves will also enjoy this hair cream, and the panthenol and beetroot nourish and reduce scalp inflammation. 

This moisturizing product also contains wheat germ oil and jojoba oil for a creamy texture that makes full coarse hair easy to comb.

One of the drawbacks is the high price for hair moisturizers of the same volume. Another small issue is that it can leave hair slightly greasy. Still, the smell is fantastic and leaves your hair smelling great for days. This hair product doesn’t contain yucky ingredients like mineral oil, silicones, and sulfates. 

As I Am is 100% manufactured in the USA, at Melrose Park, IL, and you can rest assured it meets the highest standards for quality and effectiveness.


  • Exceptional for dry scalp

  • It needs a minor application for powerful results

  • A natural blend of high-quality ingredients

  • Controls frizz

  • Fantastic for waves and curls


  • Slightly greasy

  • Expensive

Scotch Porter Hair Conditioner is a proud creation of the Scotch Porter brand. This brand is famous amongst black men because it’s one of the few hair care manufacturers that tailor its products exclusively for guys. 

It’s a black-owned business that develops and innovates grooming solutions to solve the issues faced in their daily lives. This moisture-rich hair conditioner is an all-natural recipe for dull, frizzy, dull, and thinning hair. 

It’s an all-in-one hydrating formula that combines well with other Scotch Porter products. Firstly, it’s a high-quality formula devoid of animal components, whether as an ingredient or for testing. 

The non-toxic ingredients are vegan, sulfate-free, devoid of parabens or phthalates, and have no mineral oil or synthetic colors that damage hair. 

The chief ingredients are Kale protein and white willow bark, which combat dryness, flaking, and dandruff. 

White willow bark helps to reduce inflammation, regulate sebum secretion, and is an effective exfoliator to remove product residue and dirt. Kale protein is packed with vitamin C, quercetin, and folates, all of which act as a catalyst for hair growth. 

Moreover, it contains biotin, a component that helps with hair loss. The ingredients are premium, but its unique masculine scent makes this moisturizer conditioner stand out. 

The rich herbaceous notes of bergamot and lavender are subtly accompanied by the lingering after-scents of the softest amber wood and cardamom. It’s also non-oily and an excellent moisturizer for black men’s hair and beard.


  • Effective for different hair types

  • Easy to apply

  • Non-oil moisturizer

  • Attractive masculine scent


  • More effective for the beard than hair

  • The smell doesn’t last long

OKAY Black Jamaican Castor Oil Leave-in Conditioner  is a premium hair moisturizing product by Okay Pure Naturals. This boutique hair care manufacturer specializes in organic products for hair and skin. 

This leave-in formula works for black men with thinning issues because it encourages healthy hair growth through a combination of specially crafted ingredients. 

It’s a cruelty-free product that shows significant results for all black men’s hair types, including dry, stressed, and frizzled hair. 

The active ingredient is Castor oil which combats hair breakage and restores hair strength. It promotes hair growth, particularly for men who’d like to grow stronger, longer hair. 

Moreover, Castor oil enhances blood circulation, activates the hair follicles, provides scalp nourishment, and fights dandruff – thus creating the enabling environment for fuller, healthier hair. 

Many black men color their hair to stand out from the crowd and look unique. The downside is the colored dyes that damage hair. These synthetic chemicals stunt hair growth and prevent critical vitamins from nourishing the hair strands. 

Fortunately, this conditioner helps repair that damage, reduces frizz, and gives your hair that volume and bounce, making it more appealing and manageable. 

It also contains Argan Oil—“liquid gold,” a unique natural ingredient obtained from crushed fresh kernels of the Moroccan Argan tree. 

Argan oil is renowned in the Beauty and Hair Care industry for its properties in combating hair loss. It’s loaded with fatty acids, including some of the most potent antioxidants that offer immense benefits to the hair and scalp. 

More importantly, it contains linoleic acid and oleic acid – powerful nutrients that maintain hair moisture and lubricate hair follicles. 

No moisturizer worth its weight in salt will do without Shea butter because it’s a powerful hydrating agent rich in essential fatty acids for softer and more pliable hair. 

Split hair is a problem for women and men, and the moisturizer keeps the hair ends conditioned, thus maintaining hair health.

Equally as important is the fact that this hair moisturizer is sulfate and paraben-free, exclusively made in the US, and entirely safe and healthy for black men.

 The smell is the only drawback because it’s not as fragrant as many other brands but isn’t entirely unpleasant. Another issue is that it can leave the hair feeling slightly heavy due to the rich texture of the cream. 

However, all these are minor issues that don’t detract from an exceptional moisturizer for black men.


  • It contains Argan oil, a potent ingredient

  • Promotes hair growth and reduces shedding

  • It helps with hair dryness and low porosity

  • Strengthens the hair by reducing breakage

  • Very Affordable


  • It tends to rest heavy on the head

  • The smell isn’t mind-blowing

Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil is one of the best moisturizers for black men because it’s nothing short of cold-pressed, 100% natural coconut oil. This hair care product is so natural and organic that it’s an excellent alternative to vegetable oil used for baking and spreads. 

The significance of this is that you can buy this moisturizer for your hair and still use it for food. Talk about having your cake and eating it too! 

The loc journey isn’t for the fainthearted, and you need the right products to enhance to maintain the healthiest dreadlocks. 

This oil nourishes the scalp and traps moisture in the individual hair locks. It’s excellent as a conditioner, hair mask, and detangler for knotty stubborn hair. Moreover, it’s USDA-Certified, the highest rating for any hair care product in the USA. 

The coconuts in these products are harvested organically and don’t include additives or other harmful, synthetic chemicals. 

Moreover, the moisturizer doesn’t stink like most brands and is fantastic for skin-related issues like eczema. 

It’s cold-pressed oil that washes off easily after application. However, you need to wash it off in the shower and not let any drop on the floor because this oil is sweet and will attract bugs!

Interestingly, the oil also acts as a clarifying agent for bleached hair, removing bad dye from the hair and improving the natural color. It’s excellent for dyed dreadlocks and is a general treatment formula for the skin. 

You’ll love that the oil works well as a facial cleanser and moisturizing mask. Besides, it prevents frizzing even in the worst humidity. 

Yep, it’s 100% organic without a trace of additive in sight, and it gives your dreads that moist and soft feel without any added weight. 

The coconut oil has a stiff consistency but melts quickly, softens dreadlocks nicely, and is great for most hair types. The truth is that this oil is fantastic for your overall health and ships in a large tub, so you can use it however you want!


  • Amazing macaroon scent

  • All-round usefulness for hair, skin, and food

  • Keeps dreadlocks healthy and soft

  • USDA-certified coconut oil

  • No unhealthy preservatives


  • The container makes the oil messy

  • May leak during delivery

Maui Moisture Hair Butter draws inspiration from hand-selected ingredients tropical islands like Maui are known for. The company is known for its unique blend of high-quality ingredients like pure coconut water and aloe vera juice. 

Maui Moisture’s line of products is always eco-friendly and vegan, and without the inclusion of harsh chemicals like mineral oils, silicones, and parabens. This hair butter is also free from synthetic dyes and works exceptionally well as a leave-in conditioner for shower use. 

This moisturizer is on this list because it can tame and control frizzy hair synonymous with African American Men. It was designed by the manufacturers to detangle knots, repair dry hair, and mend unruly curls. 

The Maui Moisture brand uses 100% organic aloe vera juice, an active ingredient for facial care products, to hydrate the skin and bring youthful freshness to the body. This key ingredient helps to stimulate moisture and provide frizz control. 

It also has other blends of premium ingredients like Kukui Nut oil, Red Vanilla bean, and Coconut oil. 

Interestingly, Kukui Nut oil is an ancient Hawaiian ingredient known for its humidity-resistant properties, which elevates the recipe of this moisturizer to another level. 

Other components include Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter, which soften the hair and improve the shine. Moreover, the consistency isn’t runny or chunky like many other brands. 

It has an even texture that hydrates the hair without making it greasy or smelly like used cooking oil. 

And talking about the fragrance, the scent has rich notes of vanilla – thanks to the vanilla bean extract, alongside hints of coconut and cacao butter. However, there are minor drawbacks as the formula doesn’t work for all black men’s hair types. 

It doesn’t define curls, and the vanilla scent can be slightly overpowering. It also works better as an overnight deep moisturizer than for daily use. Still, it prevents scalp inflammation, reduces itching, and keeps your hair soft and hydrated daily.


  • Kukui Nut oil enhances the moisturizer

  • Free of sulfates, silicones, and parabens

  • It contains cocoa butter and shea to improve luster

  • It has an even texture and is not greasy

  • Also effective as an overnight moisturizer

  • Affordable price


  • It isn’t as effective for curly hair

  • The vanilla scent is heavy for some 

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk is a premium moisturizer from Carol’s Daughter’s line. Since 1993, this Brooklyn-based company—part and parcel of the L’Oreal brand, has continued to innovate, using carefully selected ingredients to craft high-quality formulas that will make any black man proud. 

The company is a female-founded, African American business passionately in touch with the hair products black men need. This hair milk is arguably the best moisturizer for black men because it’s rich, creamy, and easily absorbed into the hair,  ensuring it’s frizzy-less and glossy. 

First on the list of active ingredients is Shea butter to nourish the hair and enhance hydration. Shea butter combats dryness which is the primary aim of any effective moisturizer. There’s soybean oil, which also works together with Shea butter to enhance hair moisture. 

Soybean also contains Vitamin E, a critical vitamin for revitalizing the scalp damaged by harsh chemicals. The antioxidant properties of Soybean inhibit inflammation, stop the spread of dandruff, and help with an itchy scalp. 

Agave nectar is another ingredient you won’t see in a regular hair moisturizer for black men. This nectar is an ancient elixir that adds shine and seals moisture for all hair types. It’s a natural conditioner that improves hair vibrancy and depth. 

Black men need not worry about dryness with the presence of Agave nectar in this recipe, and it also promotes hair strength.

This hair milk doesn’t leave greasy residue, unlike other moisturizers and Apricot Kernel oil which prevents hair loss and is rich in the essential fatty acids that protect the scalp. 

Other high-quality ingredients include Jojoba oil—a natural moisturizer that keeps hair thick and strong. This oil is ultra-rich in essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, E, and the B group of vitamins. 

It’s also enriched with minerals like zinc and copper. Jojoba oil targets the hair follicles to combat the dryness that leads to hair loss in black men. 

In addition to its moisturizing properties, the Cocoa butter in this product also gives your hair a delicious, rich fragrance that leaves you smelling great for days.


  • Paraben and sulfate-free

  • Premium natural ingredients to maintain healthy hair

  • The milky texture doesn’t leave a greasy residue

  • Amazing long-lasting fragrance

  • Frizz controller with no crunch


  • It is expensive (but worth it!)

  • It’s not 100% natural.

Buying Guide for Black Men Hair Moisturizers

The hair care brands on this list are the best moisturizers for black men. But here are a few things to consider if you’d like to look for a brand best suited for your needs.

Hair Type

Black men have different hair types. Some hair types are excellent at retaining moisture, others not so much. The porosity level determines how well black hair retains moisture. 

High porosity hair is excellent at receiving water but also loses it rapidly. It’s a hair type that falls prey to tangles and frizz. This hair type requires a hair moisturizer that improves moisture retention. Moisturizers like As I Am Double Butter Cream fit this hair group. 

Low porosity hair doesn’t readily accept moisture and can’t retain it either. Protein-rich hair moisturizers like Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk have Kale proteins to strengthen hair and stimulate growth. 

Medium porosity is better at retaining moisture and doesn’t lose it as quickly. Viva Natural Organics Coconut Oil is an excellent product for this hair type because it’s a one-ingredient moisturizer that hydrates the hair and works well as a daily moisturizer.

Scalp Sensitivity

Scalp itch is a severe problem, especially for black men. However, this problem worsens when you use a moisturizer loaded with oils. 

These oils will fry the scalp under high humidity, escalating the situation. Instead, try a non-oil-based product like Scotch Porter Hair Conditioner, which prevents product build-up and leaves minimal residue on the scalp.

Synthetic Chemicals

The rule of thumb when buying a hair moisturizer for black men is never to consider a product with harsh chemicals, preservatives, and additives. Synthetic ingredients like phthalates, sulfates, and parabens do more harm than good to black hair. 

They dry out hair and remove significant oil amounts from the scalp, causing inflammation and itching.


The scent of a hair moisturizer for black men isn’t as crucial as the abovementioned factors; still, it’s a smell that will affect how you and others perceive your hair. 

Go for a moisturizer with a scent you like because we are more inclined to use the things we like than those we do not like.

Water Content

Many moisturizers for black men contain oils and aloe vera that provide hydrating relief. However, water is always the main hydrating element in the best moisturizers. Go with a high water content product to fight off hair breakage and add more gloss to your hair


Common oils to look for that prevent dry hair include:

  • Tea tree oil

  • Hemp seed oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Castor oil

  • Olive oil

  • Avocado oil

When choosing oils, look for ones that have Vitamin E, as those are antioxidants and will be best for your hair.

Accessibility and Affordability

Some hair products are more accessible than others. Some brands are sold everywhere, while you may need to access others online. 

The prices of these products often reflect the premium quality of the ingredients. These products may be more expensive than others, and you may be better served going for a moisturizer within your price range.


Here are the answers to some common questions for those who need further guidance.

What should black men use to moisturize their hair?

A water-based moisturizer works wonders for black men. This product may also include natural oils and vitamins that give you strong and shiny hair.

Should black men moisturize hair every day?

Moisturizing the hair every day may be difficult for most black men because only a few brands work as daily moisturizers. However, the minimum number of times to moisturize your hair as a black man is twice a week.

How do you keep African American hair moisturized?

The best way to moisturize African American hair is with organic creams without additives, parabens, or sulfates that dry out hair. 


Glossy, delightful-smelling, and well-maintained hair makes an excellent first impression amongst acquaintances, friends, and family.

Moreover, hair that’s often moisturized is less likely to suffer breakage, split ends, shedding, scalp inflammation, and other hair issues common amongst African American men.  

The verdict is out, and the jury is in. Thank God It’s Natural Butter Cream is the best moisturizer for black men. It is excellent for all black hair types—particularly severely dry hair. 

Moreover, this product works wonders as a daily moisturizer and only needs a minor application for noticeable results. 

Still, all the moisturizers on this list are top-quality products with excellent reviews.

You can get moisturizers that nourish hair and leave black men’s hair looking and feeling great today.

Travis J.