The Coolest Skin Care Products for Kids and Teens

The Coolest Skin Care Products for Kids and Teens


Khadija B.
October 31, 2021

If the thought of your child having a three-step skincare routine that involves cleansing, toning, and moisturizing each night terrifies you, you’re not alone.

This dramatic picture is what most people conjure up when they hear about skincare for kids, but the reality is something much gentler and suited to their age.

What are the best skincare products for kids?

With their gentle skin, it’s important to choose simple skincare solutions for children like sunscreens and moisturizers but as they grow into teenagers, you can add more in.

Teens might benefit from a gentle cleanser as well, and anything else needed to target skin-related issues they’re having.

To help you find the skincare products that are right for children, we’ve got a list of the best brands that cater to these age groups.

With everything from baby moisturizers to acne cleansers for teenagers, you’ll see that developing a basic skincare routine for your kids doesn’t have to be daunting.

The Best Skin Care Products for Kids

While it may seem to be jumping the gun a little, there’s no harm in getting your child interested in having a skincare routine of their own.

However, as parents, we want only the gentlest and most age-appropriate products, so here are some of the most highly recommended to ensure you’re doing the best by them.

#1 Tubby Todd Bath Co

Tubby Todd Bath Co 1 1

Tubby Todd Bath Co is a brand that caters to the skincare needs of our younger generation, and everything they make is gentle enough for the littlest babies to enjoy.

Created by a husband and wife duo who suffered through years of eczema and other skin issues with their babies, they now make skincare affordable, simple, and safe for little ones.

Dream Cream is the best seller that put Tubby Todd on the map, and it features natural and gentle ingredients like orange and almond extracts, plus shea butter.

This thick cream does wonders for babies and kids’ skin, giving them a much-needed boost of hydration and calming any dramas.

#2 Esmi Skin

Esmi Skin 1 1

For teenagers that are interested in starting a simple daily routine to keep their skin clean, the range from Esmi Skin is just the thing they need.

Esmi creates gentle yet effective skincare products like cleansers and moisturizers, and thanks to their unique formulas, you can feel totally fine about letting your teenagers use them.

Esmi ensures that their products have no sulfates or parabens, are made with natural and plant-derived ingredients, and are made with cruelty-free practices.

For a starter cleanser that works wonders on teenage skin, try The Uncomplicated Cleanser.

It’s one of their best sellers and will gently wash away the dirt and oil of the day without drying out skin, especially for the most sensitive users.

#3 Kidskin

#3 Kidskin

Just as their clever name suggests, Kidskin is all about creating skincare solutions for kids.

The brand was developed by the parents of six-year-old Jordan Canepa, when she started developing acne and breakouts, with seemingly no solution on the market that was gentle enough for her.

Today, Kidskin has a massive range that caters to just about every skin concern a child or teenager could have, with products including facial cleansers, washes, acne control, sunscreen, and gentle skin moisturizer.

Creating gentle products that are suitable for this age group is at the forefront of their business model, and if you have a pre-teen or teen looking to start a routine at home, this is a skincare brand you can put your faith in.

#4 Bella B Naturals

#4 Bella B Naturals

Created as a skincare range for new and expecting mothers, Bella B Naturals also caters to babies these days, with a few select products that you can rely on to gently treat the smallest member of your family.

The brand was launched back in 1999 when they started with their Original Tummy Honey Butter and Cream that earned them recognition.

Today, Bella B Naturals covers the body, face, and skincare with their range, including gentle shampoos and conditioners, decongesting chest rubs, daily moisturizing lotions, and body wash.

All of their products are free cruelty-free, have no harsh chemicals or synthetics, and are gentle enough to be enjoyed by every member of your family, even the littlest ones.

#5 Cocokind

#5 Cocokind

Cocokind is a San Franciscan company dedicated to kind skincare which makes it the perfect fit for teenagers in your family.

Their range of skin-friendly products is cruelty-free, gentle, and affordable, so there’s no need to break the bank just to get your kid set up with their own skincare routine.

The products from Cocokind let you go as basic or advanced as you want, with a standalone cleanser or a complete kit that covers all of the steps you need.

They have daily sunscreens, gentle cleansers, night oils, eye creams, and spot treatments, so your teen can start off with just one or two and slowly build up as they turn into adults.

Regardless of age, Cocokind can deliver on calm yet effective skincare products, and you’ll feel peace of mind letting your teen use them.

#6 Stryke Club

#6 Stryke Club

If you’ve got teenage boys at home who are looking for a simple skincare routine that they’ll actually stick to, look no further than Stryke Club.

This skincare brand was made exclusively for teenage boys to help them deal with blemishes, acne, and all of the other issues that happen to our skin during these trying years.

Stryke Club was developed by a dermatologist who saw a space in the market for male-friendly skincare, and especially products targeted at teenage boys.

Their products include deodorant, lip balm, moisturizer, and their famous Face First Face Wash which is the ideal first cleanser for the young man who wants to start taking pride in his appearance.

#7 FridaBaby

#7 FridaBaby

FridaBaby developed one of the most revolutionary baby products of all time with their NoseFrida, a Swedish nose sucker that allows parents to relieve their snot-congested babies in a jiffy.

However, the brand does more than just colds, as they also make skincare products that are perfect for their gentle skin and deal with all of the pressing issues that new parents face.

One of FridaBaby’s best sellers for skincare is their DermaFrida, a pack of two gentle brushes that you use during bath time to exfoliate away cradle cap and dry skin from bub.

They also have the Oh Cr*p Cradle Cap Flake Fixer Scalp Spray and Mask to make sure your baby’s itching and dryness are quickly and easily resolved.

#8 Gro-To

#8 Gro-To

Gro-To was developed as an offshoot from Go-To, Zoe Foster Blake’s clean skincare company.

As a mother herself, the Australian wanted to make sure there were products available for parents to use on their children that were free from harsh chemicals, not tested on animals, and great for sensitive skin.

The packaging in itself is enough to make you want it, with bright, bold colors and smiley faces on everyone.

Gro-To has just a few signature products but they do them well, including gentle bubble baths, all-over body lotions, and skin-calming sets.

They also create a room spray that features lavender oil, designed to get everyone to get quiet and sleepy before bed if you need a little help in that area as well.

#9 Cetaphil

#10 Cetaphil

Sometimes the classics are the best, and when it comes to treating teenage acne and pimples, you’ll want a reliable brand like Cetaphil.

Their biggest seller and number one choice for teenagers is the Gentle Skin Cleanser, delivering exactly as its name suggests and removing impurities from the skin without being too harsh.

Cetaphil is known as the number one doctor and dermatologist-recommended skincare brand and with good reason.

Their formulas have stayed the same for years, only improving when absolutely necessary, and they ensure everything they create is gentle enough for sensitive users but with the right ingredients to clean, soften, soothe the skin.

#10 Ever Eden

#11 Ever Eden

If you never saw yourself buying your toddler their own stick of lip balm, you may want to rethink that when you check out what Ever Eden has to offer.

The natural skincare brand creates products for the whole family and their range includes kid’s face washes, moisturizers, shampoos, and conditioners. 

Ever Eden’s Baby Lip Balm is a cult favorite and features ingredients like jojoba and sunflowers oils that keep their lips nourished and free from cracks, but it’s so good you’ll want to use it for yourself.

For parents who want to ensure their children’s skin is taken care of in the gentlest of ways, you’ll want to check out the stunning collection from Ever Eden.

#11 Paula’s Choice

#12 Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice is a household name in the skincare market and it’s one of the first brands that parents turn to when looking for products to suit their teenagers.

When acne and pimples start to emerge, having a reliable solution like the Paula’s Choice Skincare Clear Normalizing Cleanser is the first step you should take.

The other noteworthy product in their line-up is the Clear Ultra-Light Daily Mattifying Fluid that offers a lighter way to get SPF protection and stay moisturized.

Paula’s Choice has won countless awards for their skincare solutions and they have a handful that is especially suited to teenage users, so get on board with one of the best.

#12 Earth Mama Organics

#13 Earth Mama Organics

Going organic is a choice that many families have made and thankfully, there are some brands out there committed to creating organic skincare solutions too.

Earth Mama Organics has a massive range that caters to new mothers, pregnant women, babies, children, teenagers, and anyone else that wants to try it; all made with gentle and organic ingredients.

If your kids and teens are looking for their own skincare setup, products like their foaming cleansers, natural deodorants, daily moisturizers, and mineral sunscreen lotions are the way to go.

They also create Tween Starter Kits that come with everything you need, plus a selection of herbal teas, so there’s no need to do any of the work.

Related Questions

Our kids are already perfect enough as it is without worrying about developing a skincare routine, but that doesn’t mean things won’t pop up from time to time that calls for help.

If you’re wondering about common skincare issues that can plague babies, children, and teenagers, check out these FAQs for a little more information.

How Early Can You Start Cleansing?

It’s best to wait until the early teenage years to start a cleansing routine, and until then just washing the face with water and a washcloth will suffice.

After 12 years old, there are gentle cleansing products that are better suited to younger users and can be used in conjunction with a daily moisturizer and sunscreen.

Why Do Babies Get Cradle Cap?

Why Do Babies Get Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap is a normal occurrence in babies and is usually caused by an excess production of sebum, or the natural oil that our bodies make.

This can occur due to hormone fluctuations after birth, specific products being used on their skin and hair, or the fact that the skin on their scalp is gently shedding for a few months after they’re born.

What’s the Difference Between Adults and Kids Sunscreen?

In most cases, adults’ and kids’ sunscreens are the same formulas but just marketed differently to appeal to their age group.

If you want a gentler sunscreen for children though, look for one that is 30 SPF or higher and has a mineral base as these are least likely to irritate their sensitive skin.


Khadija B.